Busting media domination - support our indy App

by New Internationalist Cooperative

$9,309 pledged of $28,000 goal
Tipping Point: $7,000
Ultimate Goal: $28,000
$9,309 pledged of $28,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help get the New Internationalist magazine onto iPads and iPhones. Promote global awareness & media diversity.

We'd like to convert our magazine into an iPad and iPhone app.

We launched our brand new digital subscription service for the New Internationalist magazine in March.  It's going brilliantly and we're very proud of it.  https://digital.newint.com.au 

Our web app - which will provide the digital data for the iPad and iPhone apps.

But we urgently need to get the digital version onto a specific iOS version for iPad / iPhone / Apple NewsStand.  We know that huge numbers of our global justice supporters are in that tech space.

We want the next generation of potential activists to be globally aware, to be sceptical of sloganeering by those who promote more wealth for the already-too-wealthy.  Our rapidly-growing school and library audience is a critically-important building block for that, and an iPad version is an essential part of the education mix.

We know how to produce award-winning magazines that support and provoke social change for a better world.  All we need is more funding to ensure the magazine gets into the hands of the next generation, on all the devices that they use.

So if you're on a journey towards social justice, equality, tax justice, climate justice and human rights, here's your chance to bring more people on board.




Tipping Point Goal: $7,000

Total Funding Goal: $28,000

We need a total of $28,000 for the complete project.

$7,000 is the tipping point to get us started.  It will enable us to complete the design of the New Internationalist magazine NewsStand App for iPad and iPhone.

Another $8,000 will be used to keep it updated, publishing new magazines and also adding to our extensive digital achive. 

Another $13,000 will help us get the App into the hands of more readers, particularly in schools and libraries, to help motivate the next generation of activists for a better world.