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$1,501 pledged of $5,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $5,000
Ultimate Goal: $8,500
$1,501 pledged of $5,000 tipping point goal
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Bring HERO Rewards--the app-based game with real world rewards--to scale through myLocal Cooperative!

UPDATE: Unexpected sponsorship of the trip to the Conference on Complimentary Currency Systems has allowed us to focus on developing myLocal Cooperative and taking HERO Rewards to scale. Thank you for your support!


HERO Rewards is an App-based Role-Playing Game with Real World Rewards!  As a HERO, you complete "Missions" for "Merits", which can be cashed in for sweet HERO-only deals at HERO Merchants.  

The Community democratically decides what missions are worthy of Merits. Anyone can submit causes they find worthy, from tending the local community gardens to litter removal to working with local causes at sponsored events.  

We can build our better tomorrow just by sharing our vision of what that looks like, coming together around what matters most, and rewarding HEROIC deeds that make probable out of what's possible.

Do good deeds, get good deals.  It just makes sense.



Following your dream can be the most wonderful and rewarding thing in the world.  Some people dream about a world with less pollution, others dream about a world without hunger or homelessness.  

For me, my dream is to help all the other dreamers in the world by giving them a way to transform community desires into real resources they can use.

I'm fascinated by how currency and incentives can motivate people to do things they might not have thought to do otherwise.  Today offers an important chance to leverage that profound power into change-making ability through the world of apps and mobile transacting! It's a very exciting time to be alive!


After seeing HERO Rewards featured in Money & Life, I'm more determined than ever to bring it to scale and to communities everywhere through a democratic, equitable model.  We don't need to wait around any longer for resources we can create ourselves!  With myLocal Cooperative, any community can assert its own values and take action NOW instead of waiting for grants or political favor. 

You can help us bring together the resources we need to raise real capital! With just $5,000 of support, we'll have sufficient time to map out our model, build the raise-related resources, and plan for a proactive fall when the students return here to Ithaca.


You heard right. For every $1 you pledge, we're going to get $100 of resources.  


Thank you for your support!  Please make your pledge and share with your friends today!  



pilot results



Some of my artistic nature and travel photography. 


2: A Video Report from the 2nd International Conference on Complimentary Currency Systems in The Hague!


3: Consulting with us on how you can bring HERO Rewards or another community currency model to YOUR community.



4: PREPAID MEMBERSHIP in MYLOCAL. With your help, we'll be able to bring our system of community engagement and innovative economic development right to your front door.  

join us!



See "A story about money that willl change your life."

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Learn more about HERO Rewards

Check out the 2nd International Conference on Complimentary Currency Systems 



Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $8,500

$2,000 : Flight and housing for the Conference.

$3,500 : Support for work on "myLocal Cooperative" development through the month of July.


$1,500 : Funds for protracted development period, mentorship, as well as for use in business plan competitions to be held at Cornell University and Ithaca College.