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My thesis is this: You needn't quit your job and become a monk nor wait until you have a fortune to devote yourself to a cause, you can begin now to give time and money to a cause to make a remarkable difference in the world. Without quitting your job, divorcing your spouse, or abandoning your children you can become more like Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter or Bill Gates than you ever imagined and leave your mark on the world.

The Future We Are Creating

The challenges in our world, the injustices, indignities, the travesties and tragedies today seem greater than the resources available to be matched against them.  The future I envision pits everyone in the world conscienciously against these problems, eliminating every problem from proverty and disease to global warming.

Recognizing that if everyone in the world quit their jobs to devote themselves full time to direct engagement in fighting the world's problems, the global economy would collapse, poverty would increase and and while global warming might beneift initially from lower production of greenhouse gases, the financial resources to develop and deploy clean technologies would disappear.

Hence, my vision for a world in which more people give more of their time and financial resources to support causes while continuing their productive careers, allowing the economy to grow even while we make a more direct attack on more of the world's biggest problems.

How We Are Creating It

By means of my blog and my book, I am working to expose more people to more projects, to motivate and empower them to take action to leave a mark on the world.  The book will mix motivational anecdotes and practical advice that will help readers give more and do more to make a difference, even while keeping their jobs and continuing to play traditional family and professional roles.

The book will provide practical, actionable advice for helping people build giving five to ten percent of their annual income to support their chosen causes--significantly more than the national average for giving.  In addition, the book will help readers find time to contribute to their causes as well, allowing them to match their money with action to leverage their impact.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

As an international finance executive with a history of entrepreneurship, I've taken a sabbatical of sorts, working as a business professor at South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, China.  I've taken this opportunity to refocus my career on helping to create the future.

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