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Active participation, concrete commitment, sustainability of the projects, sharing of goodwill. This is YouAid.

The Future We Are Creating

We want to create a future in which a network of people from all over the world devote themselves to promote initiatives and projects of social and economic development, aimed at improving the conditions of people living in developing countries.

A future in which, thanks to all the members of the network, there will be a maximum sharing of all information. By doing so, the network could share a specific need and would find in itself each possible solution, thanks to the involvement of all its members.

A future in which we will not work FOR the poorest, but we will listen to their needs and provide them with any means necessary in order to let them be an active part of their own future and not just aid receivers.

A future in which those who benefit from the well-being will work jointly with those living in poverty, in which distances won’t be an excuse not to take action anymore.

We want to create a future filled with people convinced that by sharing their goodwill and a small part of their resources, they can actually make the difference. A network, truly driven by this values, has potentially no limits.

How We Are Creating It

By promoting development projects in Tanzania concerning education, health and social business;

By listening to the needs of people living in rural areas and by choosing, together with them, the easiest, cheapest and most sustainable way to achieve a fixed and shared target;

By working side by side with the people we're helping from the beginning, moving stones, shovel ground and building walls;

By devoting 100% of raised funds to the projects;

By organising, thanks to our network, fundraising and awareness events;

By using social networks and every useful way of communication to strengthen the network ties, the interaction between all the members and the spreading of the message of sharing as a way to get the people involved in an active participation process.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

YouAid got underway in July 2008 in Ulete, a Tanzanian village located in the southern region of Iringa.

The three founding members of the solidarity network met by chance in Ulete, where they were volunteering, and where they realized how severe the conditions were of the children living in that little village.

They were not members of any specific organisation, they were just “ guests.” They began, time after time, to be involved in all the dynamics of the village. They learned that the inhabitants dreamt about a school for their kids, but they didn’t have the resources to build one. The three Italian volunteers decided to involve all their friends and families at home by writing them e-mails and asking them to commit themselves to an informal process of fundraising, in an effort to avoid additional paperwork. That's how the first supporting cores got started, sharing their goodwill with others and amplifying the message of all those people living in Ulete.

Thus was born an authentic bottom-started solidarity network: YouAid.

In just 7 months the volunteers raised the money required to build a brand-new school for 100 kids, filled with all the furnitures and the school materials needed.

Every day, more and more people become involved in sharing their own resources and YouAid  never stops working side by side with people living in rural areas, to build with them a better future.

Recent projects:

In 2008/2009 we were able to raise the amount of money needed to buy five sewing machines, and helped create a textile cooperative for the women of Ulete. Today we are helping two other villages work to build two more schools.

In order to make the future management of the schools under construction self sustainable, YouAid is promoting a small sunflower oil factory (project presented in Shangai, during the 2011 United Nations Conference on sustainable development) that will allow the villagers to turn all their labor in the fields in proper education for their children.

In 2009 YouAid started renovating an old health facility in the village of Mahuninga, Tanzania, and so far we were able to treat more than 6.000 people.

In order to reach remote Masai villages in the bush, we set up a mobile clinic service by using a motorbike.

All of these projects have been achieved thanks to all those people who asked themselves, ”What is it that I can share with others?”

YouAid embraces a new working method, based on the following principles:

- active participation of all members, through the organization of a wide range of events, rather than pity driven fundraising;

- concrete commitment in the development of projects from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, YouAid's members are at the forefront in Tanzania, from the project conceptual design to construction, directly following the unfolding of all the activities;

- the sustainability of the projects: all projects are entrusted to local organizations, this allow us to make the aid provided very useful and durable.

- the network does not work "for" the local communities, but "with" them, side by side, at every stage, from construction to maintenance by giving them the  chance to create with their own hands, restoring the dignity of being an active part of their own development, and not just "receivers" of assistance.

- 100% of the collected funding is reinvested in the project, as nothing is wasted and no wages are paid. The fundraising process is extremely informal and led by all those who are interested in contributing.

- no further paperwork. In four years the network has already involved hundreds of people, who are able to actively and pragmatically support what YouAid does.
Everyone can help and each one of us can donate, in terms of time, ideas, contacts, networking, professional and organizational skills, communication and raise of awareness.

Why should someone support YouAid?

Well, the question should be: “Why not?”

We have no more excuses to turn our head away and pretend nothing is happening.
The needs of the poorest are more than visible and we should take action now by committing ourselves, altogether, starting one step at a time.

But why YouAid?

YouAid is not trying to save the world and that’s not our goal. But by supporting YouAid and being part of the small miracles promoted by the network, you won’t be just a brick, a stone, a sheet or a desk. You will be an example to the world, because sharing your goodwill can really make the difference.

Our society needs examples like these and that’s why YouAid exists. That’s why you should really support us. Together we can make all people believe that there’s still a way to build a better future using our hands.

Then somebody should support us because:

- YouAid devote 100% of raised funds to the projects
- We always set goals which appeared way outside our league, but we always managed to achieve them and we are firmly willing to keep doing it
- Because it works and we can prove it!




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