A Game-Changing Approach to Empowering Vets

by Veterans Opportunity Network

$60 pledged of $5,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $5,000
Ultimate Goal: $20,000
$60 pledged of $5,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Help ensure the success of the innovative work the Veterans Opportunity Network has underway.

Who We Are
We are Veterans Opportunity Network (VON) and Magazine (VOM), an enterprise founded by Johnson Media Tech, Inc. (JMTI), a Pittsburgh, PA based (SDVOB), and Wounded Warrior firm. The company specializes in multimedia communications and software application development. JMTI is spearheading the launch of the VOM print publication, broadcast television programming and the VON Internet and mobile video distribution platform.

Our Story
In 2010, a dynamic Oil and Gas sector was beginning to transform a sluggish American economy and workforce. VON became a timely resource for channeling the industry’s desire to engage Veterans as potential employees. With support from highly regarded industry sources, VON was able to establish its brand and advance its mission.

Fast forward to today: VON operates on the premise that the Veteran population and transitioning military personnel, currently need a new and innovative approach to making available dedicated information resources, products and services that address the specific needs of Veterans seeking economic improvement opportunities involving career choices, workforce and business-entrepreneurialism within key US industry sectors. 

What We Are Creating
Interactive Print and Broadcast Television Media - VON has addressed the major problems facing Veterans seeking opportunities through mass media outreach by establishing the Veterans Opportunity Magazine as an interactive print publication that uses QR barcodes to direct readers to related VO Magazine mobile video content as a value added. The same interactive barcode capability is available to viewers watching VOM television programming. Each segment of the VOM television broadcast is barcoded making it possible for viewers to scan, then view the segment on their mobile device, store it - or share it. This aspect of the VON solution is a reliable, easy to use system that public and private industry/economic sectors can use to amplify their opportunity messaging. It effectively re-engineers the entire introductory process of personally meeting, as well as visually accessing, Veterans and managing their presentation of experience.

Information Exchange and Matchmaking - VON does not post specific job openings from employers, instead, VON makes available a digital information exchange platform where companies participate to promote their own HR agenda using video accompanied by mixed media content. Video profiles of “Veteran Opportunity Providers” (VO Providers) may be a simple pitch or include internal hiring resources and-or a profile of what the company produces or the services it provides. VO Providers that participate in the exchange are entities that come from all public and private economic sectors. VON makes it feasible for opportunity seeking Veterans (VO Seekers), located anywhere in the country, to participate in a dating service that facilitates matchmaking between VO Seekers of job, career and business entrepreneurial opportunities and VO Providers of such opportunities.

Why This Campaign Matters
This project matters quite simply because there remains a long-term unemployment problem among Veterans, which will no doubt be exacerbated by the influx of returning military personnel.  Moreover, as an alternative to directly entering the workforce or starting a business, many new Veterans seeking to enter colleges and Universities throughout US are now faced with additional challenges and choices in how to pay for their pursuit of a higher education. As a result, even this long-standing alternative to getting a job as one leaves the military is not a guaranteed path to immediate employment. Looking for employment is an expensive proposition. Therefore, providers of job, career and business opportunities need to move beyond traditional approaches to Veteran outreach and engagement. With your donation VON is poised to innovate and re-engineer the methods and approach used to address the Vet unemployment and education problem. 


Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $20,000

Tipping Point: This will allow us to print the launch edition of Veterans Opportunity Magazine to be distributed and promoted at Veteran, Business and Industry related events. It also provides some of the resources we need to further develop a fully functional video web prototype with the database being used in connection with our mobile video app.

$2,800 Printing
$1,200 Print Distribution 
$750 Web development

Beyond tipping point: This will allow us to launch our vet video resume profile program in connection with education partners. We will also produce and distribute additional VOM print publications and television programming to expand our outreach, promotional and content offering. 

20% administration
40% Digital platform development/programming
15% Content Creation
25% Marketing Sales