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We are a social enterprise that produces and distributes a range of innovative products that use the power of play to tackle real-world problems such as energy access, global health, and climate change. Our first product, the sOccket, is an eco-friendly portable generator in the form of a soccer ball. Check out our 60 second video: http://goo.gl/8W0W0

The Future We Are Creating

Our mission is to create products that allow people to rethink the function of play, both as a tool to address major issues facing society today and as a way to keep joy at the forefront of our lives.

How We Are Creating It

We have a three-pronged approach to making change:


We want every project we work on to have a positive impact on people and the environment. End users and other stakeholders are involved in our development process early and often to ensure that our products and services successfully address their needs while communicating our mission.


By immersing ourselves in the environments that our users live in, we are able to truly appreciate and understand their daily lives and routines. We key in on their positive experiences and use those as the starting point as we explore potential solutions.


Focusing on those activities allows us to craft products and services that amplify existing behavior while addressing our users’ needs. We rethink the typical and incorporate unique technology, applications, and processes to enhance people’s lives in a positive way.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

We're a bootstrapping social enterprise trying to change the way people view doing good and doing good business. We started out as a few female, non-engineer college kids that invented a soccer ball that could harness kinetic energy to power appliances. We're now a nimble company, still pushing hard to reach our dream of a more FUNctional world.


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