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thisvillage aims to bring water, education, empowerment, and dignity to the most vulnerable. thisvillage begins by listening to those in need, seeking their input into that community's economic development. And you can help.

The Future We Are Creating

In our ideal world, women and children do not spend 6 hours a day getting water for their families. Girls are not facing sexual or physical abuse when they are going to the bathroom. Families can have enough food to eat. Families are able to send their kids to school. Women are able to participate fully in decision-making processes. Children can live without debilitating disease. That's our world.

How We Are Creating It

We aim to do development differently. We want to see people participate in their economic development. Thus, we work in one village at a time, collaborating and empowering locals to establish a foundation for poverty reduction.

At thisvillage, our belief is that most not-for-profits do a great job of building water wells and schools in villages across Africa and Asia. However, instead of spreading ourselves across dozens of villages, we do things a bit differently. We believe that in focusing our efforts in a single village, we can effectively work with the people to overcome poverty.

We assist a community in addressing their various needs, whether it's water, sanitation, literacy training, and so on. Only once both we and the community feel that there is a strong foundation of poverty reduction tools in place will we leave. The community must be able to help themselves in the long-term, and we aim to facilitate that.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

We are four young adults passionate about working with the worlds poorest. We started thisvillage with a wide range of experience and expertise in poverty reduction. After traveling to India in 2011, we came back with a passion to help those we met. Action must be taken, as we saw too many families broken by suicide and too many people without shelter, food, water, schooling and safety. We were compelled to act.



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