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The Yonso Project works to improve educational and economic opportunities to alleviate poverty in rural Ghana. Thus our aim is to support the rural poor to break the cycle of poverty.

The Future We Are Creating

We are creating a future where the poor is also empowered to take their development into their own hands. Thus, we are creating a future where the poor have the necessary tools including educational and economic empowerment resources to break the cycle of poverty which runs from one generation to the other in rural Ghana

How We Are Creating It

We are alleviating rural poverty using a holistic approach. Thus we promote both economic and educational developments in rural communities which are very vital tools for the poor to have access to economic freedom. We provide access to education by providing scholarships to the needy and vulnerable in society, we provide access to educational resources and materials through the Rural Library Project, we also ensure adequate staffing of the rural schools through the Teach for Rural Ghana Program. We provide business management training and micro-finance to rural women to set up and expand their businesses. We also provide skills training and employment to the youth through the Bamboo Bicycles program.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

First, we are a grassroots, volunteer-run organization. The Yonso Project grew out of a meeting of American and Ghanaian college students at the University of Ghana in 2005. The Yonso Project today is administered by some of those former students who continue to sacrifice their time without pay.

Second, we are truly a partnership effort. Our work is to assist developing communities on their own terms, not to impose our terms upon them. The fact that our operations are focused on a single group of small towns in rural Ghana allows us to stay in constant contact with our communities and attuned to their needs. All of our program operations are managed by our Country Director, Kwabena Danso, who grew up in the town of Yonso and is one of the Yonso Project’s founders. 

Third, the Yonso Project is built from individuals. Our organization is made of a handful of extremely dedicated people in the United States and Ghana who work together to create profound change on a human scale. In place of an administrative bureaucracy, the Yonso Project is run by volunteer members who divide fundraising and administrative functions among one another; each member is also encouraged to pursue his or her own vision and innovate new projects. Our paid Ghanaian staff is drawn from dedicated community members who are likewise individually passionate about tackling the educational and economic challenges facing their country and who bring their own innovative ideas to the table.



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