The Crossings Big Yellow Taxi Project

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Creating songwriting camps for young Australians to sing stories for our environment and build youthful passion and energy in the Australian folk scene.

The Future We Are Creating

Inspired by songs like Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi, The Crossing is stirving to provide opportunities for disadvantaged young Australians to sing stories for our environment and community.

The Crossing is creating a future of:

- people who care for earth, care for people and for a fair share for all.

- the next generation of storytellers who will engage, connect and empower people through music towards a sustainable future.

- a renewed youth energy and voice in folk music.

an Australian folk culture that celebrates and encourages young musicains by supporting dedicated venues at folk festivals to showcase youth's voice.

How We Are Creating It

By subsidising the cost for students to attend a songwriters camp with money raised from this crowdsourcing.

By employing local professional musicians and environmental educators to engage young people in sustainability and song writing in their schools and then at an inspiring 3 day camp venue with money raised from this crowdsourcing.

By providing a songwriting camp program that will provide young people with inspiration to express their ideas about sustainable and healthy living, and encourage youth to perform and support a dedicated youth venue at their local Folk Festival.

With a first songwriting camp planned for schools activities week at The Crossing campsite in late December 2012 preparing for the dedicated youth performance venue at the Cobargo Folk Festival in February 2013 .

By assisting with establishment and growth of more folk festival youth venues e.g. Candelo Folk Festival through fundraising for more youth songwriters camps to also support similar annual initiatives at similar independent not for profit environmental education camps further afield that are also on the Australian register of Environmental Organisations.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

The Crossing has established a youth music venue through six years of voluntary effort at The Cobargo Folk Festival building from 3 acts to 30 youth acts in 2012.  Daniel Champagne, Australia's most exciting young guitarist made his first public performance at The Crossing Youth Tent.  He also wrote his first song at a songwriting camp.

The Crossing is a unique not-for-profit environmental educational bush camp founded on volunteer effort and 'lending a hand', where young people learn about sustainable design, conserving and caring in a hands-on and practical way.

Through demonstration and participation, The Crossing is building young people’s capacity to live more sustainably, engage with their community, inspire their peers, and connect to and conserve the natural environment.

The Crossing is situated approximately 6km up river from the small town of Bermagui on the south coast of NSW. In 1999, a company and volunteer Board were established. In 2007, the land was gifted to the Crossing Land Education Trust with an established Voluntary Conservation Agreement.

In 2005, The Crossing was acknowledged by International Student Volunteers as their best Conservation Project in Australia, the camp earns annual Landcare awards and recently hosted training for young Australian eco and farming champions.  The Crossing's first Conservation and Land Management Trainee is 2012 winner of the VET in schools Trainee of the Year.

The Crossing is restoring koala habitat and assisting National Parks and State Forests to carry out the largest koala habitat survey in Australia.  The property uses permaculture design principles and hosts courses for others to experience and learn about sustainable design.

The Crossing relies largely on donations, grants and many hours of volunteer time to develop programs. In order to foster youth leadership and musical inspiration for the youthful Australian folk scene, The Crossing needs your support.

In addition, any dollar raised above our goal will enable The Crossing to host more music camps i.e. our first goal amount means a Songwriters Camp for December 2012, securing more than this goal means a second performance focused camp before the February 2013 Yuin Folk Festival, and even more than this could mean a third camp for the Candelo Folk Festival in May 2013.



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