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The mission of Second Chance Toys is to rescue and recycle gently used plastic toys for children in need through local community organisations and simultaneously raise awareness about re-using and reducing waste.

The Future We Are Creating

The future we would like to create with Second Chance Toys is to inspire individuals and groups to take action, get involved and see the benefits of re-using and recycling for a better cleaner world for future generations and to encourage a culture of giving amonst children.

How We Are Creating It

We are creating a movement dedicated to donating toys to children in need and keeping them out of landfills so that local communities in the Sydney, NSW and beyond are participating in our collections.

By providing the necessary resources, step-by-step instructions and facilitating essential connections with local organisations, Second Chance Toys is working to empower a growing number of individuals and groups to create their own local collections.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

We are a new organisation that is run entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers and supporters. Our philosophy is a very simple one, Second Chance Kids is helping kids and helping the environment and by supporting Second Chance Toys your good toys don't go to waste. 

To expand Second Chance Toys we now need to broaden our partnerships and support to enable a greater scale of collections and broaden our reach across NSW.






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