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Real Good Food is a trading, sales and organizational platform for home cooks and local food artisans to uncover and celebrate the wealth of good food in their communities

The Future We Are Creating

Real Good Food envisions a future in which local economies and food systems are rich with homemade food and entrepreneurship. In this future transparency and participation enable people across the country to conveniently access food that meets their needs, desires and values.

We believe that by building communities where anyone can quickly find the best and most unique foods, made by friends and neighbors with full transparency in the origin and ingredients we will see healthier people and healthier local economies.

How We Are Creating It

We believe that we are part of a movement much bigger than ourselves. We are part of the emerging Sharing Economy, which is driven by a recognition of unique and under-utilized capacities. Successful sharing economy organizations provide innovative means of access and create new markets. In our case these under utilized capacities come from the multitude of home cooks and local food entrepreneurs.

Real Good Food is developing a simple web interface that will allow users to post and search for food, join or create groups and host or participate in events. Our beta platform will be enhanced by a game-like reputation system and augmented by a mobile application that features the same capabilities. Furthermore we are committed to building communities offline and Real Good Food will work with existing groups to better facilitate in-person food events and exchanges, building trust and enthusiasm among larger communities.


Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

We are a group of socially conscious food lovers who love to cook for others, explore new types of food and improve access to real good food.

Devin McIntire started his first food-related venture 10 years ago and has been passionate about changing our access to good food ever since. With inspiration from the beautiful smells wafting from his apartment neighbors’ doors, Devin realized that no matter how well he cooked, he could never make the diversity of food he enjoyed nor could he cook as often as his neighborhood combined.

Starting in 2011 with a simple email group Devin launched Real Good Food. As word-of-mouth helped the email list grow to 130 people and all sorts of exciting food was traded Devin realized it was time to take this vision to the next level.

Justine Williams is a cultural anthropologist studying food systems and intuitively understands the potential impact that greater food sharing can have on local communities and economies. She has been working with Devin to develop Real Good Food in concept and launch a second pilot group in Durham, North Carolina.

Raffi Garabedian is a Master of Public Policy graduate and is interested in helping build communities through food sharing. Raffi is specifically interested in helping people eat better, save more, and waste less. As Real Good Food's Director of Community Outreach Raffi enjoys communicating Real Good Food's message with a variety of individuals and organizations.

Outgoing food fanatic Madhavi Rao knows the best way to bring people together is around a table of delicious, healthy, home-cooked food. As the team's Director of Strategy and Product Development, Madhavi blends exceptional analytical skills and an innovative approach to designing intuitive solutions that are simple and fun to use. A strong advocate of community building and healthy eating and lifestyle choices, Madhavi is thrilled to support this conscientious, sustainable, community-driven approach to enjoyable food.   

Michelle Lu is a sophomore at the University of Michigan with an interest in engineering and an even greater interest in food. Most of her life she’s only gotten to eat and make it, but now she’s working on a pivotal food exchange platform that she believes will change the faces of community and the way people obtain their food. In her free time she likes to make music, read, and write riveting blog posts.


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