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Over the past 14 years, People to People (P2P) has made exceptional progress in its mission to bring quality physicians and sustainable healthcare infrastructure to Ethiopia. We are now at the crucial phase in our development that compels us to expand our reach further to include nursing as an important and necessary profession to cultivate. Without nurses, the demanding health needs of Ethiopia will never be met.

The Future We Are Creating

About People to People

Ethiopia is a low-income country with a population of more than 80 million and  is in the midst of a critical healthcare crisis, caused by an extreme shortage of healthcare workers and a widening gap in medical and scientific knowledge. With less than 1 physician and only 1 nurse per every 10,000 people, access to quality healthcare is next to impossible for most Ethiopians.

Over the past decade, the government of Ethiopia has made great strides in improving access to health care to fight communicable diseases and meet the Millennium Development Goals. However, the country has suffered from many years of attrition of highly trained physicians to the western world.  

As a diaspora organization, People to People (P2P) stands uniquely poised to undertake meaningful development work in Ethiopia and to address the many challenges faced by its resilient people.

P2P, a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization founded in the US has been battling the shortage of healthcare providers in Ethiopia since 1999.  Utilizing a triangular partnership between western institutions, Ethiopian institutions, and a network of diaspora, P2P has made a tremendous impact.  Just a few of its successes include:

- Successful launch of Ethiopia's first-ever Masters in Social Work and PhD training program in Addis Ababa,

- Development of a Neurology training program in partnership with the Mayo Clinic,

- Development an Emergency Medicine training program at Addis Ababa University in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin,

- Establishment of a boarding and care facility for orphaned girl students in good academic standing in the rural countryside. Besides regular schooling, students are exposed to farming, bee keeping, and grinding meal.  The boarding facility provides scholarship for outstanding AIDS orphans and assists them in reaching their life's potential,

- As part of a new initiative, P2P partnered with Build Love Restore (BLR) to launch a permanent home for the elderly homeless in March 2012, bringing hope and meaning back to the lives of Ethiopia's elderly population, especially those left destitute and homeless,

- The Pfizer Foundation and National Institutes of Health have provided rants to P2P to be used in the systemic education of high school students about HIV transmission and prevention by addressing behaviors-linked disease.

Founded by a single Ethiopian physician with a vision, P2P has grown to a network of more than 20 western and African universities respectively, more than 500 diaspora physicians, and has gained the respect and support of Ethiopia's President and Director of Foreign Affairs.  

An area in which P2P is not yet fully developed however, involves skilled nursing initiatives. 

Without nurses, healthcare delivery will never meet the demanding health needs of the country.

How We Are Creating It

Chris DeWilde, RN is named Director of Nursing Leadership for People to People!

As Director of Nursing Leadership for Project Whole Sky, and the newest member of P2P, Chris will utilize the same, already proven triangular partnership approach to:

- Develop partnerships between Western and Ethiopian nursing institutions, utilizing a bridging diaspora network,

- Develop partnerships with western institutions to provide scholarships for nursing education,

- Work alongside Ethiopian institutions to develop improved nursing standards and education curriculums,

- Work with public health officials to develop training programs for all levels of nurse care providers.

With a background that includes a passion for nursing, medical research, and nursing service in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, alongside her graduate work in Nursing Leadership, Chris is perfectly positioned to help take P2P to the next level in developing programs to increase quality healthcare delivery systems in Ethiopia. 

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

P2P is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care and reducing the spread of diseases in Ethiopia.


P2P has no political, ethnic, or religious affiliation.  P2P works to mobilize the global Ethiopian diaspora (Ethiopians who have left the country to pursue education and career in western countries) to play an active role in mitigating the impact of brain drain and to ignite a passion for realizing a shared responsibility to give back.  Equipped with innovative ideas, valuable transnational networks, knowledge & expertise, strong values, and new technological skills, P2P stands ready to take on many of the challenges facing communities and institutions in Ethiopia.


P2P’s projects are focused on strengthening health systems through partnerships with local hospitals and universities, in which it engages the global Ethiopian diaspora in an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap and address the country’s severe shortage of health and medical professionals.  P2P is also engaged in a number of service-oriented projects, working in particular with vulnerable communities, such as children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, the elderly, the deaf community, women, and more, devoting its time and effort to their overall health and empowerment.


P2P is an institution inspired by compassion, built with love, and sustained with kindness. Our core belief is that all people deserve to lead happy and healthful lives.  Our goal is to save and improve the lives of those suffering from a lack of access to healthcare in Ethiopia, a goal that enables those involved to add meaning to their own lives as well.