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Positive Handprints. The idea - using our positive contributions, & the 5Ps of Sustainability as a system to reverse engineer a thrivable world.

The Future We Are Creating

We are working towards a world where our education, businesses and community groups are conciously creating Positive Handprints, and where we are all looking for win-win-win dynamics in our relationships to People, Planet, Profit, Purpose & Passion.
We would like to see the Positive Handprint meme infiltrate society AT LEAST as much as ecological footprint has done, and to provide the tools and environment to encourage that those organisations who are making positive handprints are rewarded for their efforts. 

How We Are Creating It

We are building tools to for
* social & community engagement
* businesses (marketing, metrics, consulting, community engagement)
* education 

Our phase 1 build will be geared toward raising public awareness of Positive Handprints & The 5Ps model, and hosting an competition aimed at encouraging businesses to share their stories and be rewarded by their communities for the positive contributions they are making towards a healthier environment and society.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Positive Handprints has emerged as a natural evolution to the Ecological Footprint, and as an answer simultaneously to the calls for a) a more positive psychology-based initiative to bring together Sustainability and Social justice/engagement/corp responsibility; and b) for the next wave of Sustainability to come directly from business focussing on the OPPORTUNITIES inherent in doing 'good'.

We have support of a growing list of thought-leaders from around the world in the areas of Sustainability, Thrivability, Social Enterprise and Systems Thinking.

In order to bring this meme and project into mainstream attention, we need a groundswell of community support and engagement, and the funds to support our first project - The First Annual Great Big Handprint Awards.


Kathryn Bottrell

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