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The overall mission of the PetApples company is: “ to alert, educate, research, develop, assist, and provide simple solutions to proper recycling of organic pet wastes which is becoming a noticed, and very costly growing problem in our society today. Our focus is specifically on what is done with the waste once it has been picked up. During this process we also eliminate millions of plastic bags going into the landfills.

The Future We Are Creating

The numbers are staggering:

75,000,000 dogs in America daily produce about 56,000,000 pounds of waste( POOP) 

28,000 TONS Daily. 

40 % of this is left on the Ground.

60 % is Picked up by Responsible pet owners

However, the Ketch-22 (spelling is specific to project) is When a majority of the 60% is picked up, it is usually put in a plastic bag, like the ones from the grocery stores.  Most of these will not truly decompose in a short period of time so the waste is basically being kept in “plastic vaults” for generations to come.

Our project addresses both of these problems: 

Proper Recycling of the poop itself, and NOT using non-dissolvable bags for collection.

For phase I, Eliminating many plastic bags filling the landfills due to pet owners disposing of their pet wastes, both poop and fur, in the plastic "Vaults".  We have a water soluble bag to approach this problem.. The second problem is educating people on organic recycling processes which values this waste and returns it to the earth in nutrient rich form.  We have processes for both the individual and commercially which we focus on in the latter stages of the business plan.

How We Are Creating It

We have overlooked for some time valuable resources which are daily being created and also deposited on our earth by “Man’s Best Friends”. What I am first talking about here is pet waste and secondly the Fur of the Dogs which is being clipped each day and the value of both these items. Through organic and eco-friendly preparation these materials can be developed into a nutrient rich soil additive which can be introduced back into the earth. These inoculums can help Mother Nature by returning the nutrients and micro-organisms to soils to help enhance the growing capabilities of soils more rapidly.

PetApples, is a business in its infancy which has many stakeholders/partners who understand the value of environmentally friendly pet waste and fur recycling, rather than packing it in plastic bags and just dumping it in the landfills.

We have an opportunity here to make lemonade out of lemons, to study, understand, and help our land in the United States or anywhere and bring their soils back to a productive sustainable state with reduced water needs. Forests and grasslands and parks and even home-owner lots can more quickly recover the soil fertility and again be able to support a healthy vegetative cover if the underlying soils can be enhanced to supply the nutritional needs of the plants. 

Funding is needed for Phase I, the awareness and beginning of the infrastructure of this project and to make people aware of the issue and the processes we can implement to make our environment much more sustainable by using these organic products. Inventory of water dissolvable bags, equipment, for the processing of the waste, transportation type expenses for the movement of the nutrient rich additive, and most important expenses involved in the education and alerting of all the stakeholders in this project are all part of the puzzle of this project.

We will do this in phases.  Phase I, through StartSomeGood emphasizes the tremendously large scale scope of the problem, focuses on the simple first steps to educate and alert people how we can start eliminating plastic bags being used for the disposal of pet wastes, and then the actual organic recycling procedures available for the wastes to return these assets back to the earth in a sustainable life cycle process.

This is unique, because no one really knows the numbers, but they are big, and they are becoming greater every day.  We need to acknowledge the issues and work with mother nature to make the earth a better place.

We need pet owners, non-pet owners, and pet groomers to all help fund, spread the word, and become involved in this project which bottom line will result in many positive results.  Obviously, the enhancing of the soil, using the 2nd and 3rd love from our best friends and while doing this eliminating the large problem of pet waste remaining on the ground in our public areas, and the gigantic, problem of eliminating the tremendous amount of plastic bags going into the landfills currently with dog waste and or cut fur/hair in them.  Our bags truly dissolve in a very short period of time when in contact with water, so even if owners deposit the poop in the normal garbage, the bags themselves do not contribute to the landfill mass.

We need to make this happen to help not only the soil but to help eliminate the tsunamis of pet waste and fur being deposited in the landfills when actually it can be used for very environmental and life sustaining purposes. 


PetApples:   Phase I

Focus on the PetApples Harmless Pet Waste Bags:  Alert and educate people about the issues.  The mission of PetApples.

Environmental savings and helping of waste disposal.  Making people become aware and volunteering to not only pick up the dog waste but then dispose of it using the PetApples water soluble bags.  Completely eliminating another plastic bag in the land fills and reducing the 40% now left on the grounds.

Phase II

Focus on PetApples and Collection of Pet Grooming Fur & Human hair

This implements the Bokashi (organic fermentation) process to a good degree.  Completion of the recycling organic process eliminating the waste asset from going into the landfills along with the plastic bags.

Phase III:

Encompassing those in Phase I and II to continue the quest, but now actually using the processed pet waste which is partially collected in the water soluble bags, and through all the poop producing partners of PetApples,  to be infused into the bokashi process thus fully recycling a valuable asset, just as in Phase II of the Pet Grooming Fur

Phase IV:  FoodApples Implemented.

Implementation of the Food Wastes, another organic asset, into the Bokashi Recycling Process.  This is a HUGE undertaking but very scalable.

Phase V:   International



Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Jim Baumann, Founder of AppleCore has a long history of management in many aspects of design, development, and implementation technology, specializing in Software Databases focusing on the financial and insurance environments. He grew up in a small rural town in Iowa and graduated with a Business degree from Iowa State University. Jim is a family man and he and his wife Karen have been married 40 years and have 5 children and 11 grandchildren. He has always had pets and his Golden Retriever, Aspen is truly a “comfort” partner. 

Jim decided not so long ago that he wanted to leave a legacy for his family as well as do something that would be good for the environment and greatly improve the way we do some routine tasks. This way, our children could learn better ways to do things and even produce valuable partnerships between individuals, their pets, and companies and produce a valuable environmentally sound sustainable environment to live in.   He decided to put his analytic and management skills to use and researched the methods and materials and equipment best suited to reduce what is considered pet waste in landfills and make it not only non-toxic but into a valuable commodity which highlights and continues the sustainable life cycles of our planet.  Jim believes that pets, especially dogs, have all along been giving us three unconditional things; love, poop, and fur.  We just haven’t realized how valuable the second and third are, until now.

Dogs and Cats give us unconditional love, no doubt about it.  They also give us unconditional Poop and Fur which, contrary to most thinking are not waste items, being packed in plastic bags and thrown into the landfills.  Rather,  they are assets which when properly processed can be an exceptional additive back to the soil for continuing the life cycles and sustaining, without polluting, our environment, earth and landfills.