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An aggregate news site for middle school & high school journalism programs aimed at creating a robust, engaged community informed by the voices of students... A Huffington Post for kids

The Future We Are Creating

The future Out of the Mouths of Babes seeks to create is one that empowers students to connect to their educations and their world in a deeper, more interactive fashion.

We are hoping to inspire increased literacy, critical thinking, civic advocacy and creativity. We want to give students a platform to shape and develop their educational experiences.

We are seeking to change public education from something that is done to or for students to something that is done with students.

How We Are Creating It


This project will be created by forming strategic partnerships with schools, school districts, institutes of higher education, and journalism affinity groups.

Through these strategic partnerships, we will create an institutional framework that will change the way kids view their education and how they conceive of their futures by connecting their creativity with an industry in need of innovation.

A well-written article can not only inspire  confidence, but can also spark social and policy changes. By having a platform inspired by and created for kids, we hope to motivate a new generation of creators and consumers of the news; inspiring a well-informed populace that can take proactive steps in changing the world.

We also want to preserve the art form of journalism for the next generation.


Our Story & Why You Should Support Us


I am a third year law student at Boston University. I have dedicated a significant portion of my professional and academic time to working on issues affecting education. I served with Education Pioneers as a fellow working with the Superintendent of Chelsea Public Schools last summer. My project entailed creating an interactive map of social and academic services and creating a new referral system so that the district could track referrals to outside organizations in an effort to gauge in real time the issues students were facing as well as to create more robust and informed collaborative relationships with these organizations.

Currently, I serve as the Attorney General for the Northeastern Region of the Black Law Students Organization. My duties include creating educational advocacy initiatives. I also serve as the Director of Strategic Media and Marketing for Fuel Ed, a start up organization that seeks to increase teacher retention and student success by developing increased social-emotional skills and awareness among faculty and administrators.

Prior to law school, I served with AmeriCorps and taught junior high school students. I also handled communications for a community organization and ran an independent media company.

I am dedicated to social justice, media awareness and education, and my idea for this organization is a direct result of these passions.



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