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Oimei Company is a social enterprise that offers fair trade pillows to promote peace building initiatives in developing communities. Our mission is to support rural artisans by providing them access to new markets giving them the opportunity to be self sustainable. Furthermore reinvesting in peace building initiatives in developing communities.

The Future We Are Creating

Oimei Company was founded to raise awareness and contribute to the following societal concerns:

1. We will source only fair trade products. We strongly believe in the importance of supporting the fair trade movement in order to achieve greater equality in global trade.

Some Benefits of fair trade include:

-Secures livelihood: Income from fair trade helps poor communities to build houses, create new jobs, and invest in long-term economic ventures to improve their quality of life.

-Creates opportunitites for health & education: Communitites producing fair trade products/services can afford to build local schools and buy their children books & school material.

-Conserve the environment: Fair trade harnesses local, renewable resources and protects their source of living. Scraps and materials are valued, re-used and recycled.

-High quality goods: Artisans take pride in their work. Crafts are handmade, which means closer attention to detail and higher-quality products.

-Connect with other cultures: Fair trade products are unique to the places they come from and the people who make them. Products are a reflection of the people and their cultures.

-Making your purchase matter: By choosing fairly traded products, you are making a difference in the lives of people who make the goods.

2. We've grown to appreciate the rich cultural hertiage of hand weaving and seek to help the artisans gain recognition for their traditional craft. These artisans are faced with fierce competition to factory-produced goods, and many struggle to support themselves, let alone carry on the craft.

Some reasons why we should support traditional hand weaving:

-Hand woven textiles is deeply rooted into the socio-economic fabric of people's lives and considered basic to human life. It brings income to provide secondary education to the children

-Traditional weaving uses dyes & patterns that are specific to each tribe and incomparible to commercial products. The local wisdom and traditions have been kept alive and handed down through the generations.

-Due to competition with mass production and the destrcution of village ways of life, Traditional weaving has lost much of its value and quickly disappearing in many areas.

- Hand weaving leaves no carbon footprint.

3. The need for more creative & compassionate social entrepreneurs. We want to set an example of how a social enterprise can be started with a simple idea and passion. We strongly believe that social enterprises will pave the way creating opportunities for positive future.

Why do we need more social entrepreneurs?

-We need to nurture a young generation with a drive to have both a good, dependable job and a meaningful social impact on the world around us.


How We Are Creating It

1. We will carry only products that are fairly traded. .By actively supporting producers and raising awareness in our campaign we hope to shed light on the importance of the practice of conventional trade. Furthermore setting an example of how business can be successful by putting people first.

2. We will visit our artisan partners to obtain footage and stories of their lives in order to better understand how the craft of hand weaving helps them be sustainable. Also, we will share photos, stories and videos to make it more interactive. By exposing their products to new international markets, we hope to help increase production for the artisans. With stable work, they are able to maintain a decent and dignified livelihood and develop to their full potential.

3. Getting our peers involved with the process of our first social enterprise. Showing how fun & interesting it can be to do something we enjoy with the primary goal of helping others. For this particular campaign and being that it is our first one, we will strive to get others involved in not only the purpose of the venture but also the personal story, I try to emphasize through dialogue with peers and use of my blogs to stress that it doesn't take an extraordinary person to be an entrepreneur and how everyone has the potential to direct their energy, creativity and passion in their lives towards doing good. I think this is so crucial because more and more I find that young people doubt their potential to do good and they see idealism as a joke.

4. How we plan to sell our products. First we will begin to operate as a an online shop but as soon as we are able to produce marketing material. We have compiled an extensive list of potential retail stores that carry similar products; we'd like to share with them our story as well as some aesthetically pleasing content to see if they'd carry our products. Our target market are educated consumers.  People interested in the environment, home decor, culture, fair trade, arts & crafts and travel.

5. 15% of our sales will be reinvested in peace building initiatives. The first one we have chosen is a peace dialogue in the south of Thailand which is to be implemented by Human Development Forum Foundation, more details can be viewed on our website. We chose this model to ensure that our funds go directly to completing a specific project.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Aimi Duong

Originally from San Jose, California. A simple girl at heart on a mission to seek a meaningful and purposeful life. I am an old soul whose path has forever changed by the opportunity to study and live in Bangkok, Thailand and travel throughout Southeast Asia.

Freshly out of college, I wanted to pursue something I enjoy and felt passionately about. What excites me the most these days is creativity, change making(ers) and culture. I decided to pursue the opportunity to start a social enterprise that would help support rural artisans and also provide products that are unique and beautiful to the wider world.

Oi Mei is my name in Chinese which literally means "love beauty." This name was given to me by my eldest sister who passed away in 2009. Oi Mei Co. was created as a lasting celebration for my sister's life and as a constant reminder to embrace all the beauty around us. I firmly believe in the power of seeking the beauty in all that surrounds us and focusing on the good that everyone has to offer. I love to share ideas and believe that the biggest accomplishment is the ability to inspire others.

Joshua Chakkapark

Josh is on a quest to grow both mentally and spiritually, believing that knowledge, once obtained, must be shared in order to make this world a better place.

Born in America by Thai parents Joshua has always had a fascination with Thailand’s magnitude of layers. After falling in love with The Land of Smiles, he is on a mission to spread his romantic story with all who are willing to listen.

He believes that conflict and negativity are formed by a lack of communication and thus wants to spread all that he has learned through positive media. Joshua has joined Oimei Company to share his energy and eagerness to make a difference by contributing his knowledge and passion for photography and videography.

Fanny Huynh

Fanny is true world wanderer who has covered over ten Southeast Asian countries within the last seven months and has now made her way to Europe to continue her adventures. Needless to say, Fanny is a free spirit and loves to travel, learn and immerse into new cultures. If ever you need a pal to try something new with, she is your girl. From eating ant eggs & fried mice (we don't support this by the way O_O) to camping along the (prohibited) great wall of China.

She believes in embracing change as they come and fully living in the moment. With her joyful spirit and huge humble smile, we are glad to have Fanny join Oimei Company to share her passion and skills in marketing & creativite eye for design.

Jeannie Nguyen

Newly situated in Southern California, Jeannie is always on the move and is never satisfied with staying stagnant. She's a strong believer in living in the moment and often gets into pensive talks about unruly societal conformity - thus, resulting to wanderlust.  Jeannie has aspirations to travel abroad to rural countries in hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of community. Throughout her journey in life, she strives to make small yet powerful impacts in those who surround her.
Jeannie brings years of marketing experience to Oimei Company. With her creative flair and keen eye for aesthetics, she hopes to visually communicate the importance of fair trade across all borders. She is extremely passionate about social entrepreneurship and believes the combination of individualism and collectivism can go a long way.


Why support us?

By supporting our campaign you support myself & my team as social entrepreneurs, the dying tradition of handwoven textiles, and the fair trade movement. Ultimately, contributing to a small step towards a more just and sustainable world.