North Korean Human Rights Film Festival

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The human rights crisis in North Korea is dire. Millions are starving and living under extreme oppression. The world needs to be aware of their stories. We want to share these stories through film.

The Future We Are Creating

We want the world to become aware of the North Korean human rights and humanitarian crisis where millions are starving to death, millions have starved to death and hundreds of thousands are being detained in concentration camps for no real reason. We want to show our solidarity with the people of North Korea and teach the world about these atrocities. Awareness is an important element in bringing forth positive change. 

How We Are Creating It

By helping people become aware of the dire situation in North Korea, we hope that this awareness will spread and people will become motivated to contribute in a positive manner. Whether it's lobbying, donating, volunteering or simply spreading the stories of North Koreans, we hope that our film festival will serve as a launching point in this process. Over three days, we will screen seven films which will touch on the reality of life in North Korea. By following this up with discussions, guest speakers and testimony from North Korean defectors, we hope to create an educational and inspirational environment. 

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Started in January 2012 by a group of individuals with a deep passion for North Korean human rights, the North Korean Human Rights Film Festival (NKHRFF) decided that hosting a film festival would be an effective method of spreading awareness. Inspired by the stories of real North Koreans, NKHRFF was brought together to spread their stories and inspire change. NKHRFF is composed of volunteers working for free -- simply for the purpose of teaching others. Their first event on April 19th, 2012 filled Innis Town Hall to capacity and showed that people are interested in learning more about the situation in North Korea. NKHRFF hopes to draw larger audiences this summer and spread the message to as many people as they can. 


Gilad Cohen

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