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Help NWB expand work in Haiti. We had to move from our home/clinic and our programs for severe malnutrition, sustainable food production and medical care need more support, STAT!

The Future We Are Creating


We envision healthy and empowered communities no longer needing help from nonprofits such as ours! Through natural medicine and working alongside our communities to solve health problems important to them, NWB gives doctors, community leaders, and patients the tools they need to restore health. The Haitian response to our work has been overwhelming, they are excited, empowered and ready for more! More funding enables us to scale our programs to be able to reach more people.


How We Are Creating It


NWB has worked in the Nord Department of Haiti since 2010 but recently the landlord broke our contract forcing us to lose our clinic, community garden site and volunteer housing space. We had to use the funds we had designated for our projects to find a new space which is why we are asking for help. A new site for our community garden space, medicine for our malnourished children, materials for the aquaponic Garden Pool  and training sessions local health care professionals all cost money. We believe the best way to instill change is to work with locals, and our goal is to work ourselves out of a job one day leaving the communities west of Cap Haitien healthy and self-sustaining!

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us


In 2004 we started as a student-lead and -organized club at a Naturopathic medical school in Arizona. We began volunteering in the US and Mexico with the idea that some communities are facing dire health outcomes simply due to their lack of access to care and culturally appropriate services. Now a 501c3 not-for-profit organization with 6 student chapters in the United States and Canada, NWB supports and empowers communities by walking hand-in-hand with those we serve.


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