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We want social change organisations to be more like people, tossing the 'professional' hats we wear in our workplaces aside & aligning our values with what we do AND how we do it.

The Future We Are Creating

A world in which social change organisations can offer real hope to those inside and outside of their walls. A new approach to organising for social change, in which our values are aligned with our methods, and we can respond, quickly and effectively to new scenarios in a rapidly changing world.

We want to help people to remember how we do things in communities, around someone's kitchen table, or in a public square, when we don't have the limitations of 'professionalism' and the dated structures of industrial organising practices to shape our workand our behaviours.

We want to create a world where the line between organisations and the people within and around them no longer exists, and where everyone involved has a chance to find their own ways of making the world a better place.

How We Are Creating It

We help organisations to be more like people in a range of ways.

We blog and Tweet.

We write articles for relevant websites, newspapers and magazines.

We run workshops and facilitate events.

We offer consultancy services at sliding scales for a range of non-profit, social enterprise, voluntary, community, educational and non-governmental organisations, to look at ways of embedding 'more like people' ideas into a range of their organisational structures and practices. When we turn any profit, we reinvest it in providing free support for smaller organisations.

We are also preparing to self-publish a book on the subject, to be read by interested individuals and used as a tool within social change organisations to start the necessary conversations amongst staff about how they can make their organisations 'more like people.'

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

The world of non-profit and voluntary sector management has been left in the hands of professional managers for too long, and the costs are all around us. They can be seen in our crappy workplaces cultures, and in the out-of-touch services and campaigns that so many NGOs find themselves organising, year-after-year, having burried the passion and purpose that brought them into being.

But there is another way, and it is emerging all around us. Social media and social movements are organised around very different principles than most of our organisations. They are demonstrating ways of working together - in large and small groups - that offer an alternative to the rigid hierarchies of industrialism that still shape so many social change organisations. Yet, as new as they are, they are also incredibly familiar, mimicking the ways we do things together when there is nothing to drive us but our own sense of passion and energy to do good. Social media and social movements are reminding us how to do things we care about, as we do them when we aren't being paid or managed to do so.

By supporting our work, you are supporting the emergence of a new organising paradigm. If we can radically change *how* we organise for good, we can radically change what we are able to achieve.

Gandhi told us to 'be the change' we want to see in the world, and 'more like people' is how our organisations can begin to apply our values in our day-to-day activities.

The beauty of it is, this is change that anyone, anywhere can be a part of. Everyone can be 'more like people' and we want to spread the word that changes to our organisations can start with the smallest act! Radical change is within all of our reach!



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