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MOMS trading their unused items for the things they need, our goal is to create a local MOMTraders in each County across the U.S.

The Future We Are Creating

I forsee a future, where MOMS work together to provide for their families, by getting rid of clutter, and getting the things they really need. IE shirts, jeans, shoes for the kids, baby gear or household items. With a local MOMTraders in every County across the U.S MOMS can interact locally, while building lasting friendships and never going without again.

How We Are Creating It

I have created a prototype, but the actual project is to technically complicated for me to complete alone.

I need a programmer to finish up the system, our goal is to have 3000 local sites, one in each County.

The system I have built is NOT automated, an not user friendly. However it does work, and we have 700 MOMS patiently awating for when the doors open at MOMTraders.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

MOMTraders has been a project in the works for well over a year now. It started when I became pregnant with my 3rd son, with no money to get items needed for myself or my newborn, ie, baby clothes, baby gear, maternity clothing. I decided to take the clothes I was quickly growing out of, and trade them with a MOM who had outgrown all the baby clothing, baby gear and maternity items she had used in her prvious pregnancy. Oddly enough we fit perfectly into each other's lives. She was slimming down, her son was growing and here I was needing the stuff she no longer had any need for.

We exchanged items, and wow, I felt great! I mean really, really great! I felt accomplished, see hubby has always been the one to bring home the bacon so to speak, so when I had obtained needed items like the baby gear, and clothes, I felt like I had contributed to my household, I mean away from the everyday contributing I regulary do.

So I created a quick 5 minute facebookpage, and WOWY! In 2 days time we had over 360 local MOMS trading like it was our new addiction!

After us all bascially providing Christmas for each other, from UNWANTED stuff. It was pretty evident that every County should have a MOMTraders. BUT... it had not really sunk in, just how helpful this idea could, or ever would be.

NOT till my phone started ringing, MOMS 7 hours away, across Florida wanted a MOMTraders in their County! Some were nice about it, kind of disapointed to hear that one did not exist for them, and some were just downright comical! Demanding a MOMTraders, wondering why I had not created one in their County. Don't get me wrong, they were not rude, oh no, more like passionte...

I then decided I had to build MOMTraders, and bring it to every County in the United States, but how?

This is where I have lost alot of time, created some frustrations for myself an other's and many times lost hope... BUT... even with all the hopelessness, I still found myself plugging away daily to get this idea off the ground.

I have been learning everything I need to know about web design, coding etc. BUT still after 12 months of hard work, MOMTraders still has a LONG way to go!

With over 700 MOMS patiently awating the opening of MOMTraders, I simply can not get this project finished without some outside help.

Everday I feel defeated, knowing that a MOM somewhere could have made a difference in her life, and others.

That folks is why I am here... I am dedicated to MOMTraders, I have never believed in anything more!

I need your help, I need funding to get a system built to allow MOMS to create local sites. Ones that will help MOMS connect locally, get rid of unwanted clutter, and gift other MOMS with a chance to provide for their families.

I mean come on, how much stuff do we all really ned? And how much stuff really goes to waste?

I have built a prototype so to speak. It is a community site that allows local MOMS to post their stuff for trade, and browse the site for items for trade. BUT.... It is buggy, not stable, and needs some serious programming work.

I was given an estimate of $80,000 from a designer quote to create the site! I almost cried, but this is before I sat down an devoured everything online related. So I have taken the site to atleast 33% completed. I just need the push in the right direction, some great contacts and for the system to run like a well oiled machine.

This is ALOT of coding, creating a better automated system and really giving these MOMS a place that will become a lifesaver for many.

I have tried folks, I simply cannot finish the site that way it should be done.

Your help finacially will go towards getting the system into place, that will run 3000+ local County sites. All mini communities where MOMS can connect, help one another, get rid of unwanted stuff, and shop for free, for the stuff they need. Think kids shirts... jeans, ya know that stuff that the kids out grow in 3 months even though they cost $19 a piece! Yeah times that by 3, and then times that by 10. Those costs add up, and that is why alot of families go without.

BUT I say NO MORE! Let's start looking at the resources at our finger tips, let's start giving back, and getting back in return. Let's work together... I have always heard,"it takes a village to raise a kid", and boy did they hit it right on the head!

Thanks for hearing me out, and I sincerly hope to see you on the thank you page of MOMTraders.