MISSION GAS a Non Profit Gas Station

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We are a Non-Profit Gas Station/Convenience Store. We Re-Cover and Re-Open abandoned gas stations reducing the environmental impact while stimulating the local economy. We Re-Hire and Re-Train people directly from unemployment agencies helping to reduce the unemployment epidemic by creating jobs. We then Re-Direct the revenues generated towards charities whose undertaking it is to rescue and restore distressed individuals and families in crisis, empowering them towards self-sufficiency and a renewed quality of life.

The Future We Are Creating

Mission Gas is a Florida based non-profit social-economic enterprise that seeks to provide direct financial support to local charities and programs that provide support and services such as housing, employment training, social and  educational services, along with basic needs to individuals and families in distress with the goal towards regaining self-sufficiency. Mission Gas shall accomplish this mission by providing solutions to current community, economic, and environmental problems. By identifying an opportunity in the market place and matching it with our mission we then apply our entrepreneurial strengths and skill that creates financial stability which can be referred to as the triple bottom line: people, planet, profits- where the profits are then donated!


“By executing our business model, pursuing and managing our business goals, Mission Gas aims to generate and redirect revenues towards the charities whose undertaking it is to rescue and restore distressed individuals and families, empowering them towards self-sufficiency and a renewed quality of life, this while creating new jobs, improving economic conditions, and providing solutions to environmental issues”


“Through continued growth and successful operation of our non-profit social-economic enterprise Mission Gas will continually restore lives, create new jobs, and solve environmental issues in the communities we find ourselves in”

How We Are Creating It

Mission Gas Corp. operates a unique social economic business model where we acquire abandon, distressed, and environmentally hazardous gas station/convenience stores. Mission Gas then renovates and then reopens these sites, hires unemployed personnel exclusively through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the Agency for Workforce Innovation, we then donate what would have been profits from the revenue generated to local charities in-need. Mission Gas seeks to hire and train personnel may gain knowledge, skills, ability, and opportunity to become self-sufficient and once again contribute into the community and local economy. Mission Gas further donates only to those charities in need who offer their services within the same community as the donor service station.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

My desire and need to serve stems from experiences that began in childhood and have extended into my adult life and align with my spiritual beliefs. I now wish to be an agent for change and to serve as a life mission that will result in improving the environment, our community, the economy, and people. I pray that my journey places me a position to help provide a future with hope to the people who need it.

If we are to "re-occupy" let it begin in our neighborhoods by re-opening these abandoned environmental eye-sores, re-hiring the unemployed and re-storing lives in crisis. If we are to expect changes it is up to us and our responsibility and with your help we can make it happen.


Barry Tishler

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