Me and My Mirror

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I am a cyclist and an above-the-knee amputee who used to suffer terribly from 'Phantom Limb Pain'. I ride through conflict/impoverished areas in the world delivering mirrors and 'Mirror Therapy' to less fortunate amputees.

The Future We Are Creating

My goal is to reach thousands of amputees throughout the developing world and show them a future without the misery caused by phantom limb pain.

How We Are Creating It

I have already begun. I did a self-funded 6 month trip by bicycle throughout Cambodia treating landmine victims and other amputees with 'Mirror Therapy', a simple and revolutionary treatment. I fabricate my own acrylic mirrors using locally sourced materials and transport them to villages and towns and cities and hospitals and clinics on the back of a cargo bike. I have had extraordinary success and will return to Cambodia in mid-February 2013 to continue this good work.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

I aim to stay solo, keep it small and simple with maximum use of donor money, minimum carbon footprint and maximum speed and flexibility in reaching victims. With mirror therapy there are no drugs or addiction issues, no need for clinics, hospitals, doctors, transportation or expense. Cure rate is virtually 100% and I supply the mirrors.


Stephen Sumner

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