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We help Australians keep their money out of projects that harm the environment and drive climate change.

The Future We Are Creating

Market Forces is all about having your money used as a force for good. We work to push the banks, superannuation funds and governments who have custody of our money to use it in ways that protect and enhance the environment.

We're campaigning to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies in Australia. Each year, more than $12 billion of Australians' tax dollars is wasted on programs that encourage the production and consumption of fossil fuels. Reliable and affordable alternatives exist to fossil fuels, which are the biggest drivers of global warming, as well as major threats to health and the local environment.

How We Are Creating It

Market Forces is working with other Australian NGOs and grassroots groups to have fossil fuel subsidies phased out and that money put into programs that build a stronger, more sustainable Australia.

They say "knowledge is power". It's also fundamental to being able to campaign successfully. But governments keep a lot of critical information about fossil fuel subsidies hidden from view.

That's why we're using Freedom of Information laws to uncover the truth about which companies are receiving fossil fuel subsidies, how we can effectively phase them out, and how the environment will benefit if our taxes are no longer given out to encourage these polluting fuels.


Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

If you believe that your tax dollars should be used to shift Australia away from fossil fuels and into a renewable energy-powered society, you'll love this campaign. You will be literally buying the release of information held by the government that will help the Australian environment movement campaign to have fossil fuel subsidies eliminated.

A small investment in this campaign could result in a huge shift in where the Australian Government puts your money, moving it out of dirty fossil fuels and into clean, renewable energy.


Market Forces

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