La Poderosa Media Project

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We promote youth empowerment, cultural empathy, and collaborative learning through community-based visual arts programs in Latin America and the United States.

The Future We Are Creating

We are creating a future where students, educators, and community leaders collaborate in the production of beautiful, thought-provoking, and meaningful works of art.  

We are creating a future in which the lives of students and their communities are transformed by a model that redefines what it means to use filmmaking and photography as a tool for positive social change.

How We Are Creating It

After researching about creative literacy and learning from other successful models, we have developed curricula that place empathy, collaboration, and accountability at the center of all our artistic interventions. 

So far, we have conducted eleven intensive visual arts projects in four countries, produced fifteen short films and one historical documentary. We have taught approximately 1,200 hours of film theory and practice to more than 250 Latin American and American students. In 2013, we will replicate our model in three new locations so that more young women and men benefit from our visual arts programs.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

You should support us because:

We believe in the effectiveness of storytelling as a tool for empowering youth,

We believe everyone should have equal access to quality and affordable education,

By integrating creative practices into our community-based programs, we are transforming the educational system across Latin America and the United States,

We, an interdisciplinary and international team of educators and artists, are starting to replicate this experience in other cities,

We want to make from a calling for closing social gaps in our societies, a continental movement for building stronger and more creative communities.


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