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Kinyei promotes social entrepreneurship with two businesses, a socially responsible bike tour and training cafe, which together empower Cambodian youth to work together for the improvement of themselves and their communities.

The Future We Are Creating

In Cambodia, young people don't have opportunities to get entry level jobs which will serve them beyond basic financial support. At Kinyei we want to help grow and challenge Cambodian youth to create their own futures.

Through the cycling tour, travellers come away with a personal insight into life in rural Cambodia, and the local communities a feeling of pride in the culture as well as economic stimulus that allows them to continue their way of life. 

In the cafe, Kinyei offers a space where everyone can come and share ideas, news, and culture; a platform for emergence and development of ideas, music, art and even new businesses.

Kinyei's social businesses both encourage social innovation, cross cultural engagement and skill sharing, spreading a culture of social awareness and entrepreneurship amongst a youth population desperate for opportunity.

How We Are Creating It

Kinyei Cafe and Soksabike Tours seek out young people with curiousity for the world, and dedication to the future of their communities. Through operational transparency and mentorship in the social businesses, Kinyei offers young people skills in English, technology, customer service, financial literacy, and entreprenuership.

The experiences that Kinyei team members have as tour guides, baristas, operations and administrative staff, and in supervisory roles gives them the confidence and capacity in running socially responsible tourism enterprises, provides them with a community and network of support among their peers and supervisors, and prepares them for success in starting social ventures of their own.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Kinyei was founded by a young, super committed and connected team, with years of collective experience in traditional and emerging approaches to community engagement and development. We have exceptional abilities in leveraging human capital (read: volunteers and talent here and abroad) and modest but critical amounts of financial investment. We engage in ongoing action learning to innovate, and are agile enough to maintain a high degree of connectedness with and relevance to the community here. 

The social enterprise projects are close to becoming financially sustainable businesses. The critical success factor lies in building the capacity of a few existing staff to lead the teams autonomously. 

We're raising funds to develop a fantastic enterprise and management training curriculum for our local managers, and to pay the managers fairly! With the continuation of the projects, we will be able to ensure that the social value and livelihoods of the current and future team members continues and grows exponentionally.


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