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Integrando a Mexico is a youth empowerment course that seeks to transform young Mexicans into powerful agents of social change.

The Future We Are Creating

Well aware that Mexico currently lives a deeply complex reality in which multiple social problems have generated an atmosphere of profound injustice, ever-increasing violence, and widespread hopelessness and consequently led millions of people to live in dire conditions, Integrando a México aims to contribute to the creation of a better present and future for Mexico by empowering and inspiring its youth to be strongly committed with the country’s social development and wellbeing and highly capable to work actively and collectively in order to generate justice, equality, and prosperity for all Mexicans.

How We Are Creating It

For Integrando a México 2013, a group of 12 high school and university students from 6 different countries will bring together 45 Mexicans aged 16 to 18 from every corner of the country to participate in a unique and diverse 4-week program. During the course activities, the participants acquire and reinforce a wealth of key values and skills in the generation of peace and social justice such as empathy, social awareness, creativity, ethical leadership, unity, and teamwork through their engagement in highly dynamic workshops, community projects that they themselves lead, creative projects of their own that raise awareness about social issues they care about, interactive talks and encounters with experienced social entrepreneurs and activists, and the development of sustainable, deeply impactful social projects of their own with the help of the staff and the aforementioned entrepreneurs and activists. 

At the end of Integrando a México 2013, through their respective projects and the amalgam of experiences, ideas, tools, resources, and contacts that they gain throughout the course, the participants will function as a national network of highly aware, motivated, and capable citizens, entrepreneurs, and activists able to generate and be an important part of societal efforts that pursue the construction of an inclusive, collaborative, and democratic society and the resolution of vast social problems that affect the quality of life of millions of Mexicans.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

During 2010, enraged by the dire situation in Mexico, appalled by the lack of transformational educational opportunities for Mexican youth, and inspired by our experience in the United World College of the Atlantic, an institution belonging to United World Colleges (UWC), a movement of high schools that since 1962 gather students from more than 180 countries on merit-based scholarships to live and study together for two years, a friend and I decided to organize and carry out Integrando a México with the desire of bringing together an international team from different UWCs that could collectively utilize the UWC values and skills to provide a culturally and intellectually enriching experience to youth from across Mexico in order to empower them to become agents of social change for the benefit of their communities and the entire country. Thus, since July of 2010 and for the last three summers, 35 UWC students and alumni from 22 different countries have organized and facilitated the first three editions of the course, Integrando a México 2010, Integrando a México 2011, and Integrando a México 2012, for more than 100 young people from across the nation. Due to our growing success, with a constantly improving program from the previous editions that counts with the newly added Social Project Development Workshops, the course team will carry out the fourth edition of the course with the expectation of providing the Integrando a México experience to 45 enthusiastic, open-minded, idealistic and compassionate people with the ultimate aim of sustaining and growing the initiative, expanding its reach and increasing its impact upon Mexican society.


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