Fifteen Farmers Coffee Project

Fifteen Farmers Coffee Project Photo

Fifteen Farmers is a grass roots project in the Philippines that envisions higher income for farmers, quality coffee, and environmental benefits shared by community members.

The Future We Are Creating

We aim to create a future in which:

Coffee farmers gain increased control over their commodities by deciding when to sell, availing of a higher buying price, and gaining access to market options.

Coffee farmers embrace a sustainable agriculture model that emphasizes the importance of environmental services as part of a healthy farm ecosystem.

Coffee farmers continuously improve the quality of their coffee and climb higher on the value chain.



How We Are Creating It

Means to creating such a future:

Establish a seed nursery to provide a core group of farmers with resources to plant quality arabica coffee seedlings on their land.

Promote an integrated and diversified farming system that reduces dependency on a single crop. Encourage farmers to intercrop their coffee trees with banana trees (and offer a market) to provide an intermediary income source before coffee trees produce first harvest. 

Provide skills training with an agriculturalist to empower farmers to advance the quality of their coffee through improved production and processing methods.

Create access to post-harvest technologies and storage facilities.

Link coffee farmers with access to market information, including contact information, buying prices, and required quality standards.






Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

We are an international partnership of two who studied together in graduate school. One holds a track record of organizing community-based projects among upland farmers in Mindanao,  who expressed an interest in diversifying their farms but lack the resources. The other has experience in environmental conservation and an interest in creating added value to coffee so farmers may stand to gain more from their labor and investments. Together, we have skills in community organizing, business, agriculture, and sustainable development.

This project aims to create more secure and environmentally-compatible livelihoods for farmers in Mindanao. We are currently building our network of resources in the Philippines to help support our efforts to create a better future for coffee farmers. Please consider offering your support to advance our project.