FeedSpot Pet Food Pantry

FeedSpot Pet Food Pantry Photo

We are a first grade class. We created feedSpot to help pet owners facing economic hardships feed their dogs in their time of need. Our goal is to keep families and their pets together by providing supplemental food for their dogs. Our goal is to distribute 5000 pounds of dog food this school year.

The Future We Are Creating

We are teaching students that they have the ability to positively impact their community and the challenges that exist there.  We want to create a future where students are empowered to help others less fortunate than themselves.  We want them to identify problems and work together to solve them.  This allows them to give back to their community while showing kindness and compassion to others. They leave our classroom knowing that they can face problems head on and make a positive difference in the world around them.

How We Are Creating It

Each year we identify challenges within our local community.  We present the problem to our students and give them a framework where they can work to address it.  In our community, we have a number of families that are dependent on local food shelters.  This year we felt that we could work to provide supplemental food to aid the dogs in these families.  That way the families could keep their dogs without straining their limited resources.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

I am a first grade teacher and I believe it's monumentally important to teach young students that they have the ability to make a positive impact on their community and the world around them even though they are little people. The "feedSpot" initiative is a community project we hope to take from idea to fruition this fall. The students will help to promote the program, create flyers, raise money through a variety of fundraisers, distribute the food, and will publish a class book detailing their journey. Please help us attain our goal of distributing 5000lbs of dog food to local dog owners during this school year! Our hope is to raise $1000 through startsomegood which allow us to buy approximately 2000 pounds of dog food toward our goal. Other fundraisers planned include selling note cards, homemade dog treats and a 5K walk in the spring.