Enterprise Network for Young Australians

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Funding, fuelling & connecting the Australian entrepreneur ecosystem. Not for profit peak body for young entrepreneurs.

The Future We Are Creating

WE BELIEVE Entrepreneurial thinking can change the world! It creates freedom, personal security, solves social/environmental issues and lifts entire countries out of poverty. 

We can create an Australia of job creators, instead of job seekers; helping millions of people succeed in business is Jeremy Liddle’s legacy!

How We Are Creating It

By funding, fuelling and connecting Australia's entrepreneur ecosystem.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

The Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA) is a not for profit organisation run by young people, for young people. ENYA supports and promotes the active participation of young people in enterprise, in an ethical and sustainable manner.

ENYA believes that not only does youth enterprise impact on employment, business acumen, workplace opportunities and financial independence amongst young people; it also encourages young people to become active, innovative, creative and socially responsible citizens.

“These young Australians are keen to share their experiences and help other young entrepreneurs. We need to back our young business and social entrepreneurs…” Prime Minister John Howard, May 2003.

If you’re aged under 40 then ENYA can support you in your entrepreneurial activities. If you need help with:

How to start a business.
Grow a business.
Support services for young people.

ENYA can help. For those who are ‘young at heart’ with an interest in youth enterprise, we encourage your participation as members, mentors, advisers and supporters. 


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