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Injuries from violence directed at EMT's, Paramedics, Firefighters and nurses is a real problem. Our EVE programs offer real-world skills to keep providers and patients safe.

The Future We Are Creating

Safer responses to potentially violent encouters faced by those in Emergency Medical Services, Firefighting and the Emergency Department.

How We Are Creating It

Through multiple avenues including education of staff, administration and the public at large. 

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Being a vitcim of violence myself while working on an ambulance. A hobby became a passion. We have trained thousands of providers in healthcare. Many have stated "Everyone should have this training". The issue is most agencies have training budgets and are short on funds.

I keep a record of attacks on EMT's and Paramedics here:


We offer a train-the-trainer program that allows agencies to have a staff trainer available to be the resident "expert" on our version of safety skills. 

Testimonials can be viewed here: http://dt4ems.com/?page_id=134

Violence diected at healthcare is like the "Dirty little secret" in medicine. It has become so bad that some places are talking about arming their personnel with firearms.

We believe that most attacks are not life threatening, they are however life changing. 



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