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Dream of a Nation is dedicated to elevating awareness and inspiring action around a range of critical social, environmental, and economic issues. It is people-centered movement about big dreams, bold innovations, and realizing our full potential as a nation. We are trying to raise funds for the printing of a vital citizen handbook and a national citizen engagement initiative.

The Future We Are Creating

Many of the critical civic challenges that we face as a country are interconnected and require bold and holistic decisions. But all too often we get so bogged down in the fight and the spectacle that there is a collective blindness to our shared purpose and society’s real needs. Research shows that we learn best when solutions are modeled for replication and when diverse ideas are organized thematically. However, very few public awareness and citizen engagement efforts have ever integrated solutions and success models across a range of environmental, economic, and social issues. Dream of a Nation is designed to meet this need.

How We Are Creating It

Dream of a Nation is a national public awareness and citizen engagement initiative that is designed to popularize a range of critical and complex social and environmental issues, inspire action, and raise revenue for pioneering organizations. The development of effective public education tools, the integration of arts, and the implementation of a sustained citizen engagement initiative are the primary vehicles for this work.

The first phase of the project is consists of a comprehensive citizen handbook and web platform; both set to launch this Fall (more at www.seeinnovation.org/don.htm and www.dreamofanation.org ).

The simple act of purchasing the book will financially support leading organizations in the civil society movement. Beyond this, however, readers will be encouraged to learn more and get involved through an interactive web community under development (dreamofanation.org). The interactive site will contain additional resources and enable individuals to post information, media, and resources about success models in their community or region.

Meeting a Need Through Partnerships and Creativity

Dream of a Nation project spans across 60 issue areas and explores problems, new ideas, and success models associated with a range of topics including: Environmental Stewardship, Waging Peace, Creating an Equitable Economy, Strengthening Communities, Improving Health, Media Innovation, New Priorities in Education, Waging Peace, and much more. Thought-provoking and visually appealing essay contributions are presented by over 60 leading icons and organizations including:

Alice Walker, Vice President Al Gore, United for a Fair Economy, Education Trust, Paul Hawken, Common Cause, Geoffrey Canada, Free Press, Veterans for Peace, Human Rights Campaign, and 50+ others

The public awareness initiative is geared for a diverse mainstream U.S. audience ranging from students in formal and informal education settings to citizens interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the issues and helping to advance innovation. With the successful completion and promotion of the book, the second and longer-term phase of the project focuses on using projected-generated revenue to engage in expanded U.S. public awareness and citizen engagement efforts that include web, documentary film, and citizen contests.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

The mission of SEE Innovation is to build awareness, capacity, and structures for social and environmental transformation. SEE Innovation became a formal fiscal-sponsored organization in 2004. However, organizational leadership first began developing programs in 1993 with work on a documentary film and curricular materials, Generation Earth, which chronicled success models in environmental education and has been seen by over two million students. In addition to Dream of a Nation (www.dreamofanation.org ), the organization maintains two additional programs: the Project for Improved Environmental Coverage (www.environmentalcoverage.org ) , a new initiative designed to improve the quality of environmental reporting in the news media, and Green Press Initiative (www.greenpressinitiative.org ). Green Press Initiative began in 2001 and works to reduce the environmental and social impacts of the pulp and paper industry through efforts to transform large paper consuming sectors (U.S. book and newspaper industries) and through policy advocacy related to ensuring the full carbon value of forests.


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