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The Do Good Bus enables people to support hundreds of causes helping our cities, our neighbors, and our friends in a fun and social environment.

The Future We Are Creating

Simply put, there aren’t enough do-gooders in the world and a lot of would-be-do-gooders don’t know where to start. The do-gooders behind this bizarre idea have been working with non-profits for many years. After continually being asked by friends, "How can I get involved?", we came up with an idea to put all our friends on a really big bus and show them EXACTLY how to do good. Turns out, it’s a lot easier and a whole lot more fun to Do Good than most people expect. We continue to meet people who want to help their community, but are overwhelmed and don’t know how or where to start. A Do Good Bus Ride is a fun, social experience for people to find a good cause and act on it.

How We Are Creating It

The Do Good Bus (a bus promising altruistic adventurism) continues to help causes in need and encourage people to get involved in their communities. There are hundreds of causes that help our cities, our neighbors, and our friends. The Do Good Bus enables people to support these causes in a fun and social environment. Our local passengers will volunteer and promote community by helping local causes and experience a fun filled trip with surprises, all while doing good.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

The Do Good Bus team has been volunteering with local and international causes for many years. Our mission is to create Bus Rides featuring causes that truly help our cities, communities, neighbors, and friends. All three of our co-founders work closely with non-profits to find unique causes. We want to share our expertise with YOU to help you find YOUR perfect cause. We’ve seen how a little effort can contribute a lot to the greater good and be rewarding and fun in the process. We’re going on our first national tour and we funding to get the bus started and keep it moving across the country!


Do Good Bus

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