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Creating the Future is a nonprofit living laboratory for accelerating social change. Our mission is to make dramatic community improvement the norm in social change & nonprofit work

The Future We Are Creating

Like many social change efforts, our vision is a world where all beings live well, individually and collectively. Sadly, the most common results for social change work is not that vision, but incremental steps towards eliminating some of the problems that stand in the way of that vision. Therefore the future we are creating at Creating the Future is one where all social change missions are accomplished, because change leaders know how to create the world they want.

How We Are Creating It

After years of research, development and testing, we have learned that the key to dramatic community improvement lies not in an innovative strategy or plan; it instead lies in re-thinking the assumptions that are unwittingly embedded in those strategies.  Applying that different way of seeing and thinking to all aspects of an initiative (whether a nonprofit program or an entrepreneurial campaign), change consistently happens quickly and dramatically, in ways that are immediately noticeable. Our plan is therefore to embed that thinking into all social change efforts, to make that the expected result - the norm vs. the exception.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

5 years after leaving successful business careers to consult to community organizations, Hildy Gottlieb & Dimitri Petropolis were frustrated. Despite building strong boards & sustainable revenues for their clients, their clients’ communities remained relatively unchanged. For the next 5 years, Hildy and Dimitri experimented to discover how change efforts could create more impact. The result was 6 Principles that are present when visionary change occurs. After writing The Pollyanna Principles to share their learnings, they founded Creating the Future, to scale these ideas and make visionary community outcomes the norm, rather than the exception in social change work.


Hildy Gottlieb Dimitri Petropolis

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