CleanBirth Photo is a non-profit working to reduce the extremely high rates of infant and maternal mortality in Laos. In the villages where we work, women give birth alone in the jungle without clean supplies or a birthing partner. empowers nurses and Village Volunteers to provide pregnant women with basic birthing supplies and education about safe, hygienic birthing practices. For just $5 we can save 2 lives.

The Future We Are Creating

We are creating a future in which women and babies do not needlessly die during birth.

How We Are Creating It

We train nurses and Village Volunteers to distribute Clean Birth Kits and provide safe birthing education to women in remote Southern Laos.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

I am a mom committed to helping other mothers.  When I learned that Laos, a country I had visited many time, had among the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality rates in the world, I wanted to help.

With the goal of making birth safer, I formed partnered with Our Village Association (OVA), a Lao non-profit working with ethnic minortity groups in southern Laos. In the villages where we work, women give birth alone in the forest. 

OVA and provide $5 AYZH Clean Birth Kits that contain life-saving, hygeniec supplies that prevent infection at birth.  We also train local nurses and Village Volunteers, who educate mothers about using the kits and how to have a safe pregnancy and birth.

Please support our mission.  Donate now.  

For just $5 we can save 2 lives!

Thank you,

Kristyn Zalota





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