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Developing programs that improve the welfare of underprivileged individuals such as orphans in various parts of the world.

The Future We Are Creating

Vision Statement - A world where every woman and child is safe, loved and nurtured; where each human being can provide themselves with their basic needs and have an opportunity to succeed in life.

How We Are Creating It

We have various projects currently in place.  First, there is an orphanage - The Christalis Home - that houses 30 children in Uganda that provides them with a family environment, food, shelter, safety, and education.  There is also an assistance program that provides children outside of our home in Uganda with education, school supplies, shoes, health care and other basic needs.  A meal program also provides the children in the community around the orphanage with 2 meals a day.  Finally, Lily's Gifts is a program in place in Maryland that provides foster children and the homeless with gifts during the holidays.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Chistalis was founded in 2005 with the Christalis Home as the pilot program.  It was birthed in response to the needs of children in Kasese, Uganda who were orphaned due to AIDS, poverty, abandonment, and civil war.  Our program has since grown to include the other ventures listed above.  There are so many children in this world who are suffering with no help.  Children are so helpless but with your help we can reach these children and give them the hope of a future and a better life.  It's so easy to go through our daily activities forgetting about the sad faces we see on TV.  But those children can never forget for a second their circumstances. Please help us make thier current life just a memory and not their reality.


Shalini David

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