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Breaking Heels™ is a social enterprise, which transforms the collective power of consumers into a financial force against human trafficking & commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).

The Future We Are Creating

We want to see a future where slavery no longer exists. We want young people rallying against it and using fashion, art, music and every creative tool at their disposal to combat violence against women and commercial sexual exploitation.

There are women in freedom who can enjoy any type of shoe to meet their lifestyle needs however thousands of women are in forcd prostitution, not free, and forced to "break heels" every night for pimps and traffickers, and those who solicit. We can change this one shoe at a time.

We're offering a 2 fold value proposition. We provide a height adjustable (and regular) high heel line of shoes that will improve the lives of customers (via 2-in-1 shoes, more comfort, convenience), as well as thoughtful and strategic anti-CSE programs that will help sustain a movement. Some of our programs include john schools (for offenders/johns) and young boys clubs to build the capacity of young men to be leaders and allies to their peers of both genders and be a network for youth activism against sexual exploitation. Doing these programs will raise awareness, reduce the # of offenses, improve community safety, lessen curb violence and reduce social and financial burden on the public sector. 

How We Are Creating It

We have teamed up with engineers at Joy Forever B.V. to finalize the prototype of our shoe. We are also designing a regular line of shoes, solely inspired by survivors and their designs, which will go into production. 

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

When doing my MPhil in England, I figured out a way to create a height adjustable high heel shoe, after a painful accident in high heels. At the time, i dedicated my life's work and studies to working on issues of modern-day slavery. While listening to my ipod one night, i heard the following lyrics in the song, "Cant Stop Pimpin"

"See why women hit the strip and wanna be my bitch

Break them heels off and make me rich...

I need bitches to increase my dividends"

The pervasiveness of exploitative pimping and trafficking imagery is rampant in our music. This is when I realized that my love for fashion, my random product innovation, and life's work could come together. It could be a force that could literally "break heels" against human trafficking. 


Aashika Damodar

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