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Friends of Bangladesh raises awareness and support for the struggles of Bangladeshi peasants. We partner with local organisations Bangladesh Krishok Federation and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha who work for land reform, food sovereignty and climate justice amongst the marginalised. They have over 2 million members whose voice BPSN aims to directly link with Australia. We recognise the links between global injustice and climate change, and work to promote the means for Australians to support organisations with local knowledge who can provide genuine solutions to these issues.

The Future We Are Creating

A future where:

- People from countries contributing to climate change and unjust food production and distribution systems understand the specific impacts on the most vulnerable places and communities worldwide

- People benefiting from a high carbon society and wealthy economy have the desire and ability to give back by directly supporting those on the other end of the spectrum

- The deep local knowledge and practice that subsistence farmers possess are valued by the international community and are a key contributor to the mitigation and adaptation of climate change

- People and organisations with global power and reach are able to critically discern between short-term, profit-driven ‘fixes’ and real solutions that arise from systemic change towards life-affirming social, economic and political processes, and step up to take their role in advocating for these true solutions

- Women in vulnerable communities take an active role in educating and leading other women so they can collectively reduce the disproportionate climate impacts on women

- indigenous peoples, and landless men and women and are empowered and resourced so they can stand up for their rights - their knowledge, vision, and wisdom are respected globally


How We Are Creating It

We are creating it through:

- Making digital and non-digital educational material available to create awareness about the issues

- Events such as film screenings and forums where these issues are discussed

- Cultivating direct links between grassroots organisers in Bangladesh and Australian communities

- Funding for training programs that empower and resource women, landless and indigenous people to mobilise their communities and lobby for their rights


Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Our history, you should support us because:

-In November 2011 a small group of Australians attended a climate caravan of international and local people that travelled through Bangladesh, meeting with communities and listening to their stories

-They returned to Australia inspired to build a solidarity group to continue this crucial work

-We are a very small and entirely volunteer run group working helping to train grassroots activists from Bangladesh's peasant movement BKF and BKS. – every donation and every hour volunteered makes a huge difference!

-Directly supporting great work done by Bangladeshi’s for Bangladeshi’s

Inspired?  We would love to hear from you if you share our vision and would like to help out. 

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