Asian Leadership Academy

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We are Asian students at Stanford. Together with Asian Leadership Academy, let's redesign education in Asia. Now!

The Future We Are Creating

ALA creates value to the Asian education system by offering specific practical skills and opportunities beyond classrooms which can effectively bring out students’ talents and unleash their potential to successfully turn their passion into something beneficial to the society.

How We Are Creating It

Beyond classrooms, we envision this initiative as an “Academy” as well as a life-long learning community. With our team members’ experience in leadership and creativity development program from Stanford University and other top-notched universities, we seek to offer a unique out-of-the-classroom orientation leadership program to students in Asia, starting from our home country, Thailand. We aim to empower the younger generation with three main core curriculum components:

(A) Entrepreneurial Coaching

(B) Mentorship and Role Model, and

(C) Career-Life Vision.

The Entrepreneurial Couching program is designed to fulfill the gaps that Asian youths still lack in following their career passion and pursuing their dreams. We plan to provide three main tools under the Entrepreneurial Couching program as follows:

(1)  Design Storming – Tool to unlock their creativity

(2)  Interpersonal Dynamic–Tool to maximize team potential

(3)  Strategic Communication – Tool to make ideas stick

We have already contacted and received excellent support from Thai educational icons. We are trying to expand our network with successful professionals to be parts of our community to share their experiences and become role models for our students. 

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

ALA was initiated, in part, with our inspiration from African Leadership Academy where we visited in March 2012. The out-of-the-classroom activities taught to students at the African Leadership Academy reminded us the imbalanced and off-focused education system at home. We left Africa with the urge to bring some innovative changes to the Asian formal education system.

All members of our team share one thing in common: “We have faith in education”. We always believe that lopsided education is the root cause of many political and social problems in our region. Blessed with opportunities to experience out-of-the-classroom study overseas, we would like to put what we have learned into actions and share it with the younger generation in our home countries.

In September 2012, with the support from Stanford Center for Social Innovation – Stanford University, we held our first seminar in Bangkok under the theme “ASEAN Economic Community (“AEC”) and the Future of Asian Leaders: Are our kids ready for the new challenge?” The discussion panel focused on the readiness of Thai students for the upcoming AEC and how we should prepare them for the challenge. We received overwhelming positive responses from over 400 applications to participate in our first seminar; unfortunately, we had limited seats of only 120 audiences. With the success of the event and wonderful support from educational icons in Thailand, our team is determined to take this initiative forward and keep the momentum going.

Our next milestone is to launch the “5-day-out-of-the-classroom leadership development program” in Thailand in March 2013. To have a diverse group of students, we target students of the age between 14-20, who wish to unlock their potential and have open-mindset to improve their capabilities.

While we do not seek profits, we do seek financial sustainability. We are mindful as well that education with quality should be accessible to all and do not wish to limit access to our program by charging excessive entrance fees to cover our expenses. To close this gap, we, therefore, need to get some funds to support our program with our goal to lower the program fees or reduce them to zero.

This is a very important kick-off program for our academy and we truly hope we can make it as a great start to get support for our ongoing projects in the pipelines