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Anjna is a nonprofit focused on creating innovative health education programs at free clinics, utilizing creative design, SMS and iPad technologies.

The Future We Are Creating

Obesity, depression, type II diabetes, sexually transmitted infections, heart disease: these are the modern health crises ravaging the United States. Treatment for common - but more significantly, preventable - diseases drives up expenses in a country already suffocating under the pressure of a broken health care system. What’s more, these diseases disproportionately afflict individuals of the lowest socioeconomic tier, further exacerbating circumstances of waning health and waxing costs.

How We Are Creating It

Anjna Patient Education is the first organization of its kind to specifically target free clinics for the purpose of reaching out to socioeconomically disadvantaged patients. Our project seeks to break the cycle by educating and empowering patients in free clinics to take a stand against preventable diseases with good nutrition, diet, lifestyle changes, and appropriate medical care. We will pursue our worthy mission in a variety of ways: - Our team of over 40 translators has been diligently producing translations of widely-available health education materials in 15 languages and making these available to free clinics across the nation, because we believe all patients have a right to health education in their native language. - By coordinating one-on-one physical and mental health education with all patients free of charge, we hope to demonstrate both the importance of prevention and the availability of resources to underserved patients. - Plans are also underway to install computer workstations in the waiting rooms of free clinics so that patients can spend their often long times awaiting appointments learning about their health and taking health-related surveys through interactive online modules. - Following appointments, patients may elect to receive SMS reminders from their free clinic to take prescribed medications, attend follow-up appointments, and improve their health behaviors. - We will follow patients and assess the successes of this health education to ensure that desired health outcomes of patients are met, using stringent and proven metrics. - installing iPad kiosks at free clinics to interactively teach patients about chronic disease

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Founded in Spring 2010 by Vineet Singal, Anjna Patient Education is an organization composed of Stanford students and recent graduates. We all work as volunteers ensuring that every dollar we raise goes directly to impacting the lives of the patients of our partner clinics. Our team consists of over 200 students with varying skills and backgrounds including the translating team, disease coordinators, clinic coordinators, graphics team, design team, technology team, and outreach coordinators. Additionally, Anjna's advisory board includes Stanford Medical School faculty that lend support and guidance to our teams. We are currently unveiling our pilot project, a comprehensive database that provides educational material in the areas of cardiovascular health, diabetes, eye health, mental health, and nutrition and lifestyle. The materials are being distributed to our partner clinics and will be available soon on our website. Along with our pilot project we are also working on various other exciting ventures including an SMS project which will enable patients to receive text message reminded for medications and appointments and iPad interactive educational modules that will be stationed in the waiting areas of our partner clinics. We are also excited about our new chapters starting at Berkeley, San Jose State, and Harvard. By expanding our network we getting closer to our goal of reaching underserved populations throughout the country. Already Anjna has been recognized by Ashoka, Do Something, Institute for the Future, and Youth Service America. By supporting Anjna Patient Education, you’re supporting the health and wellbeing of those who are traditionally neglected by our health care system. For more information, please visit



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