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ARCAS is a non-profit Guatemalan NGO formed in 1989 by a group of Guatemalan citizens who became concerned as they saw their native wildlife rapidly disappearing before their eyes. ARCAS’s goal is to improve the chances of survival and conservation of endangered species and their habitat. At its Pacific coast site of Hawaii, it manages one of the most productive sea turtle hatcheries in Guatemala, rescuing nearly 50,000 olive ridley and leatherback eggs per year in an attempt to help conserve these beautiful and threatened species.

Causes: Environment

La Choza Chula

We are a non-profit based in El Paredon, Guatemala, working to improve both the education and the job opportunities of the village.

Causes: Children and Youth, Community

Improving Equine and Human Welfare in Guatemala

We've discovered a ground breaking way to improve equine welfare and reduce violence towards horses and people in rural Guatemala. We have designed a horse handling program based upon ‘Join-Up®’ in which our participants discover that violence is never the answer. Through the embodied experience of Join-Up® our participants discover non-violence and non-aggressive leadership, becoming calmer and more considerate towards horses and people too. We will now evaluate this project scientifically and produce a program that can be applied both here in Guatemala and throughout the developing world.

Causes: Community

Cunita de Angeles

Love care and education for children whose parents are working and need someone to look after their kids

Causes: Community

Drinking water for Jaibalito, Guatemala

On the 7th of July a 6.9 earthquake between the Mexico and Guatemala border occurred as the result of normal faulting at a depth of 60 km. This provoked a massive landslide in the village of Jaibalito, that threatened to wipe out the whole valley. As a result of this catastrophe the main spring that provides fresh drinking water to a community of 700 Kaqchikel Mayan Indians, of whom 70% are children, has been blocked out. This project aims at raising the funds to build a tank from another spring and provide these poor families with water again.

Causes: Community

Hearts In Action International

Who would have thought that The Jungle School in the remote area of El Petén, Guatemala would have a marching band? It started in 2011 with a donation of instruments. Within hours the students learned their first song and now they are winning competitions! In less than 11 months the TJS band has placed 3rd in the district, then in the regionals and are now headed for the Guatemalan National Competition! We have been witnessing the quintessential underdog success story. So what is the problem you ask? The band needs more instruments!

Causes: Children and Youth

10 More Years of Good Things

We do good things in Guatemala. Donate a few bucks and help us do more good things for another 10 years.

Causes: Children and Youth, Community

English and Technology Camp - Guatemala

Providing English and technology training in contribution of developing a world where the knowledge required to work and live is accessible to all.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education

Speak Shop

Speak Shop with 9 Guatemalan Spanish teachers are creating an industry of self-employed online Spanish teachers.

Causes: Economic Development