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Sea to Sea Organic Farm Journey

We are a young family from Canada who has spent the last two years converting a bus into a sustainable home in preparation for the most amazing road trip. Nicole (the mom) is an author, and for her next book she will be visiting the best organic farms across North America and interviewing the farmers to find out how to did it, their passions, their failures, and their successes. John (the dad) will be photographing the farms for the book and documenting our journey for Youtube as we travel.

Causes: Education, Environment, Food, Health

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

We are working to stop factory fishing operations that harm our ocean, environment, fishing economies, coastal communities and marine based food systems.

Causes: Food

Think Local First DC

The 2013 Femivore Award will be granted to a woman who is creating change in the local food community. This award will recognize and encourage those women in DC who are catalysts for changing the local food movement as farmers, mothers, businesswomen, chefs, non-profit leaders and activists. We raising money to help substantiate the awards we give out to our Femivore participants. Recognizing the amazing efforts these female local food leaders put into our community is important! We need YOUR help to make it happen!!

Causes: Community, Food

Berkeley Youth Fish Farm

Our venture’s vision is to provide the community members with local organic fish, allowing them a healthier alternative in choice of seafood. We work towards an eventual transition of knowledge in building community owned fish ponds.

Causes: Food

Freedom Soul Kitchen

We are a youth run, East Oakland healthy foods collective. We envision a positive atmosphere in our community where healthy, local grown, organic food is served, where like-minded people can network, and above all, a safe haven where the homeless have easy access to nourishing foods. So please support our team - Freedom Soul Kitchen.

Causes: Food

Castlemont Green Pioneers

Our mission is to provide local, healthy and affordable farmer’s market produce to the Deep East Oakland community by partnering with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). We aim create a regular farm stand and community events on the campus of LPS-College Park and Castlemont Community of Small Schools.

Causes: Food


FoodFellas is a social justice program that expands education, food preparation, and Community Support Agriculture (CSA) programs to different hospitals and schools around Oakland. Our mission is to change the way Oakland residents think about food by utilizing fun and interactive education programs, farmer to consumer relationships, and a copious amount of community support.

Causes: Food


Know your mood? We know your food. Tired of searching for recipes through complex recipe websites? Stop searching and let RECIPLEAZE do the work for you! RECIPLEAZE's mission is to change how people go about searching for recipes forever. We are developing the first online recipe service that offers a variety of recommended recipes based on time of day and mood or activity.

Causes: Food

Aarti Home

At Aarti, we care for orphaned and under-privileged girls and women by providing a home for them to come to and educating/empowering them for a better tomorrow

Causes: Education, Food, Human Rights

Food Shift

Food Shift is an Earth Island Institute sponsored project dedicated to building a more just and sustainable food system that curbs waste, empowers communities, respects the environment and nourishes all people. Food Shift educates and empowers consumers, businesses and communities by increasing awareness about food waste and inspiring food-related behavior change.

Causes: Food