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VPRJ Garden

Beautifying the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail and supplying better, organic, more affordable food at the same time.

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Creating vegan food alternatives in China.

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Jewish Community of Sarajevo

The Balkans have been hit by devastating floods - Officials say that three months' worth of rain has fallen on the Balkans in recent days, producing the worst floods since rainfall measurements began 120 years ago. people there need help - lets do it!!!

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veggin is the online vegan and vegetarian resource. We help users eat consciously, shop responsibly and live more sustainably.

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Project Crowd Herd

A self replacing herd of cattle and sheep bought by the crowd and professionally managed by the Crowd Herd team, to supply Foodbank with a sustainable, ethical lifetime solution to their protein needs. Join the herd today.

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Sea to Sea Organic Farm Journey

We are a young family from Canada who has spent the last two years converting a bus into a sustainable home in preparation for the most amazing road trip. Nicole (the mom) is an author, and for her next book she will be visiting the best organic farms across North America and interviewing the farmers to find out how to did it, their passions, their failures, and their successes. John (the dad) will be photographing the farms for the book and documenting our journey for Youtube as we travel.

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Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

We are working to stop factory fishing operations that harm our ocean, environment, fishing economies, coastal communities and marine based food systems.

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Think Local First DC

The 2013 Femivore Award will be granted to a woman who is creating change in the local food community. This award will recognize and encourage those women in DC who are catalysts for changing the local food movement as farmers, mothers, businesswomen, chefs, non-profit leaders and activists. We raising money to help substantiate the awards we give out to our Femivore participants. Recognizing the amazing efforts these female local food leaders put into our community is important! We need YOUR help to make it happen!!

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Berkeley Youth Fish Farm

Our venture’s vision is to provide the community members with local organic fish, allowing them a healthier alternative in choice of seafood. We work towards an eventual transition of knowledge in building community owned fish ponds.

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Freedom Soul Kitchen

We are a youth run, East Oakland healthy foods collective. We envision a positive atmosphere in our community where healthy, local grown, organic food is served, where like-minded people can network, and above all, a safe haven where the homeless have easy access to nourishing foods. So please support our team - Freedom Soul Kitchen.

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