Develop Youth Leadership Skills through Sailing

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$1,535 pledged of $5,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $5,000
Ultimate Goal: $12,000
$1,535 pledged of $5,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Transform lives through training and leadership adventures aboard the famous sailboat "Nada" built by Nigel Calder


SailingNada logoOur project is to rescue the famous ocean going sailboat, “Nada”, from the scrapyard and use her to transform the lives of all who encounter her with particular emphasis on youth and leadership development.

The boat is an Atkins design, heavy displacement double ender. An Ingrid 38, renowned for her safe and kindly sea keeping qualities. Perhaps Atkins himself sums it up best by saying it’s “the kind of boat that behaves herself in rough water and can be depended upon to sail herself”.


A Boat Known to Thousands of Sailors
This is no ordinary Ingrid 38. She was built and fitted out by noted author and sailing systems guru Nigel Calder, and has been featured on magazine covers and in articles for many decades. Any sailboat owner with a diesel engine knows of Nigel Calder and the “Nada”. Calder launched her in 1982 and with his wife, raised a family on her while sailing throughout the Caribbean, writing books on what he learned. After continuous improvement and annual refits he sold her in 2004. In 2009 we found her in the back of a boatyard neglected and on hard times. After a year of negotiating with the bank that held title, we secured ownership and began to restore her.

SailingNada Magazine Cover

Refurbishing Work
Structurally she is totally sound. Calder over-built her for safety, and that paid dividends while she lay exposed to the elements in the boat yard. Because she had been continuously updated, her mechanical systems were also in good condition. She has a new diesel engine, mast, boom, sails and rigging. Most of the work needed has been completed using “elbow grease” and we are almost done with that. She has been professionally surveyed and deemed sound and safe to launch. We now need to install modern safety equipment and electronics before taking passengers out on ocean going adventures. We need your help to complete this project and get Nada afloat.

SailingNada Refurb photo

Community Interest
We've found deep interest in the opportunities Nada offers from the Boy Scout community in our area and we plan to make her available for sail training and leadership development to them. The UK based Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has put us in touch with a similar orgnaization starting in the US that could use Nada to take recovering children out sailing as rehabilitation therapy. We've even found experienced sailors, who own their own boats, that would like to gain “blue water” experience by spending several days at sea with highly qualified and experienced ocean sailing captains, so that they can plan and execute their own passage making (ocean crossing) dreams.

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Our Passionate Team
The Sailing Nada team consists of sailors from the tall ship community with thousands of ocean miles in their logbooks, who have experience leading humanitarian expeditions to the South Pacific and more recently to Haiti after the earthquake. We have professional educators, boat builders, computer technology experts, mechanical engineers and a host of other qualified individuals who have already invested their time and money into this project. Join us and make the dreams of so many come true and change lives forever. Please help us by being a part of this exciting project.

Change is inevitable, and having the confidence that you can flourish during and after change enables you to live a full, satisfying and productive life.

To learn more, check out our website, or follow Roger on Twitter:

Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $12,000

Tipping Point
Our initial goals are modest and provide for basic safety systems. These will allow us to launch Nada and begin our mission of transforming lives. This is what the "tipping point" funds will be used for.

Our Ultimate Funding Goal
If we are fortunate enough to exceed our initial "tipping point" goal we will add advanced communications systems that will keep shore bound family members and interested groups in touch with the adventures also. This is when the mission will really take off since the "live" sharing of these adventures creates a synergy that touches so many more lives and creates deeper, longer lasting impacts.

SailingNada Boat pic

Please help us reach our goal. A donation of any amount will get us closer to our target and make a difference in the lives of so many.