How it Works

StartSomeGood is a peerfunding site - a platform for social entrepreneurs to gather a community and raise the funds needed to create change. This is often referred to as “crowdfunding” but we resist this definition as we think it gives an erroneous impression that there is a crowd out there just waiting to shower your idea with money, but in fact what’s happening is entrepreneurs are leveraging and growing their existing communities -- their peers -- by inviting them to become partners in igniting change.

But the words we use are not what really matters – what matters is that StartSomeGood’s goal is to be the best platform for social entrepreneurs to launch and grow the innovative ventures we need to improve our communities and our world.

We are designed by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs. We are motivated by our belief that the world doesn’t face an idea shortage but rather an implementation shortage and so our focus is on removing the barriers than prevent social innovators from creating impact. Barriers such as awareness, financial capacity and restrictions on what types of legal entities can start good currently confine social entrepreneurs. We welcome all changemakers, whether you are an incorporated non-profit, for-profit or just a gang of friends looking to do good.

StartSomeGood allows all forms of social good initiatives, nonprofit and for-profit, one-off and ongoing, local and international, to stand side-by-side and raise support on the basis of their innovation and potential impact, rather than tax status. StartSomeGood, therefore, is not simply for tax-deductible organizations and no tax deduction should be assumed for any contribution.

StartSomeGood campaigns have both a total fundraising goal and a “tipping point” goal -- the amount needed to start doing good. Campaigns can run for 7-60 days but must reach the tipping point before the deadline or none of the pledges are run and no money changes hands.

In addition to feeling really good about supporting innovative changemakers and helping StartSomeGood in the world, supporters of campaigns can expect to receive some good rewards to thank you for your investment. Check out the existing campaigns to find one you’d like to support.

Or, even better, StartSomeGood of your own.

Read more about our model in the FAQ, submit your social venture or get in touch.